Question for those who've served in French and Brit armies.....

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by filthyphil, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. What's the better weapon, famas or SA-80?
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Are you left handed?
  3. The steyr.
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  4. No.
  5. At least you didn't say SLR.
  6. The SLR.
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  7. The rifle that dare not speak its name...
  8. What about the AK series? At least you know they work.
  9. Yeah and a trained monkey could use one.
  10. big question, what model of SA80??? A1 or A2? theres a big diff between the two....

    and Steyers are tug, aus made F88's even more.......... Aus made F88's with Kiwi made plastic bits complete ****.
  11. Ok, A2. Good points and bad points of both?
  12. the A2 is the most accurate std issue 5.56mm rifle used by any army today. end of. pity you cant use it left handed.......
    (anyone who says its 'heavy' needs to work on thier PT, weight is good)

    the Steyer ( F88 ) was more reliable then the SA80a1, but not as accurate.

    the SA80a2 is more reliable and accurate then the Steyer (Austrian or F88 ).

    the FAMAS and the Steyer (austrian made) shoot the same and make no difference on the range to target or in use, they are very comperable.

    the NZ army wanted the M16A2(with a H-Bar bbl, extra 6oz of metal) but got the Aus-Steyer rammed down its throat by the CER agreement.

    the FAMAS can be changed from RH to LH shooter very easily,
    you can mod the Steyer for LH shooters, but need the LH bolt-kit,
    you just cannot use the SA80 in LH.

    all bull-pup rifles are cool!!!, as long as you are in a desert with no opposite handed corners to fire around :shock:

    ..... and thats why i would choose anything else, apart from a bull-pup, first.
  13. Thanks for that.
  14. Weight is good?

    DSTL have said that the target Infantry load should be 26kg. They've said a human should never attempt to fight with more than 40kg. The a average Infantry load in Afghan at the moment is 56kg. The average UK Infantry soldier weighs 71kg.

    Weight is terrible. A heavy gat may be good on the ranges, but is **** awful on Ops. Whilst the SA80 A2 is a good rifle it is also a heavy one. Ever held an M4?

    The soldier system lethality replacement MUST be lighter.
  15. sorry to disagree, but the M4 is far too light IMHO.
    (as well as having a too short a barrel to get any decent internal ballistic efficiency out of the 5.56mm)