Question for those in emergency/public services etc

Ok, to cut a long story short I was a silly boy when I was 16. I wrote a duff blackmail note with my mate to my school and got nicked....plead guilty and got a 200 quid fine and a 3 month supervision order (convicted at 17). Never got in any trouble since then, joined up just before 18 and did 4 years with good conduct, and have been in a sh1te office job since getting out. Now of course I'm wanting to do something more fulfilling with my life again (i'm now 26), and I'm thinking that this little incident will maybe bite me in the arrse if I apply for a job in a public role such as a teacher/policeman/fireman etc. Can anyone with experience tell me if these sorts of positions are a lost cause for me? I agree that if you do wrong you get punished, although this is long spent and I was very much a stupid kid at the time. Thanks.

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