Question for the Yeomanry types...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Do your lot take Mess Silver into the field and have drinks before the O Group?

    Heard this twice from people who I have no reason to doubt...
  2. Drinking alcohol is not allowed at any time here. Mind you, this is an oil company project not military. Anyway there is a bottle of good malt in my fridge. Management perk dontchaknow.
  3. Bravo Bravo,

    I've heard tales of this happening, (from "gentlemen troopers" of a certain vintage), but have never seen it for myself.
  4. Concur. Heard it about the HAC about 20 years ago. Seems a bit unlikely now (No real exercises).
  5. Likewise, the South Notts Hussars were reputed (c. 1989) to set up the big tent with all the silver at the drop of a hat - well, the toms did the setting up, I bet, and the officers did the entertaining bit...
  6. The regular unit i was in used to have a 4tonner set aside as the officers mess truck which did contain mess siverware for using each night at RHQ, my parent yeomanry unit hasnt,well as faras I can vouch the Sqn doesnt.
  7. yes, we have an "o-box" which was made for that purpose (carrying glasses, gin and champagne) but it doesn't happen as often now.
  8. Very rarely since 2003.

    Although i do remember one weekend where we were fighting through Imber village(?) and RHQ set up the silverware to one side and had the regtl band playing.

    CO's comment 'everywhere i go that bl00dy band follows me!'
  9. Rather depends on which Officers' estate the unit is exercising on, not always necessary to bring one's own.
  10. Seen, but over 10 yrs ago on an ex. Bde Comd was not best pleased when he walked in on it, him in full warpaint, helmet, etc.
  11. There was a stage (90s) where RWxY had a rather silly Commanding Officer who was into that sort of thing. Would like to think things have moved on a bit by now...
  12. You mean you dont eat your Range Slop from a silver plate? How Vulgar :p Been Yeomanry for a few years now not something I have seen.
  13. Not on any proper ex these days, possibly now during an after-ex smoker when the social aspect has been built in e.g on annual camp. as somebody else said, after 2003, things were ran on a more professional line. you still need a bit of fun sometimes though.
  14. Your reply is totally devoid of relevance.
  15. I had a new ammo box made for the sqn which allowed for various bottles, flutes and tumblers, and a few other creature comforts; also doubled as a table. Mainly for O Gps and those relaxed moments in SHQ. Thing was fully padded to protect the contents and looked rather good, i thought. No dinners in the field in the last 15 yrsalthough changed in & out of mess kit in the wagon for dinner in a nearby hotel.