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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by cambs_otc, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm in the OTC, and as a civvie was wondering if members of the OTC or indeed the Cadets can be arrested, and/or prosecuted by the RMP. If for instance someone ND'd and it resulted in a death whilst on excercise, would they be arrested and tried by the civvie police or the RMP?
  2. Has the PSI at Cambridge got something to worry about? 8O
  3. Civpol have primacy over deaths involving service personnel in the UK.

    By virtue of the fact you're on exercise and armed, it put you under military law, so anything other than death COULD be investigated by service police, but would more than likely be passed to civpol due to major complications later.
  4. When your signed on with the OTC your not a civi your in the army my boy!! just like the rest of the TA
  5. Why has someone died?
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    Maybe he shot someone!
  7. Well he probably wont have any arse hole left for the RMP to rip out after his RSM has 'educated him' about range work!
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    Maybe he's Dick Cheney
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    Ok the OTC is not under the same service regs as the TA and Regs, for a very good reason. Firstly they are (apologies) not up to the same standard in terms of training, for example they do not attend phase 1 ect. However they have there own training package, involving the MTQ syllabus. Also they have very limited contact with NCO’s below the rank of CSM and have no idea how to treat them, and there for are not subject to AGAI 67, because to be fair they wouldn’t have a hope. The OTC being O’cdts the appointment not the rank are also B grade reservists, but most certainly come under AA55 as they hold the rank of pte. However thy have limited contact with the RMP and are generally good boys.
  10. Any offence on military property or by military personnel will initially be investigated by RMP. They will make the decision whether or not to involve civplod. That bneing the case it is possible that you may be charged under both legal systems.
  11. Civpol have primacy on all incidents in the UK, however, if the "ND" occured abroad, and where there is a meorandum of understanding then the RMP will take primacy. So in answer to the origional question, Did you shoot the PSI in the UK or abroad? UK = Civpol, Rest of the world = RMP (And yes I know it has to be in support of the host nation, however HM has a very long reach).
  12. 2 months after the initial post is probably a bit late to be chipping in with your collective knowledge guys! This thread needs binning if cambs_otc isn't going to give us an update.
  13. He is probably in Colchester...
  14. Demand to be investigated by RMP SIB mate ............ they are really crap squaddies trying to play at being Regan & Carter, I got away with loads of crap over the years because they were useless.
  15. Awwwwww.............come on, thought there would be loads of you primates just dying to defend yourselves, or maybe you know I'm right ?