Question for the Re-joiners


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A question for the likes of Biped, Taffitorial, jedi23, Sidneyruffdiamond, OldGrumpy and others who are re-joining or considering doing so:


Guys like myself who joined after 2001 only know the TA of today with its orientation to support the Regular Army currently fighting two wars in the Middle East. Others, however, remember a different TA and there are numerous threads on here which heave with tales of better days when the sky was bluer, grass was greener, there were no recruitment/retention problems and above all "Things Were Fun".

Not having experienced those halcyon days myself (and frankly finding today's TA and Op tours fun and exciting enough) I'm happy to take their word on it that yesterday was heaven whilst today is sh!t. This leads me back to my question; having experienced the 'Good Ole TA' of yesteryear and surely being aware of what the TA is like now, what's motivating you to re-join?

I'm guessing there are as many answers as there are re-joiners, but curious (and happy!) that you haven't been dissuaded by the endless doom and gloom on here and in general.

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