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Just been watching the remake of "The Winslow Boy". It featured a character who was a Lt in the Household Cavalry (circa 1913/14). He was shown in No 1 dress wearing a flat hat. However, he was not wearing a cap badge.

Now that could have been a huge error on the film-maker's part, but I suspect not. So, why no cap badge?

I'm sure flyingrockdj could tell me!
I think it has something to do with the fact that they weren't a "Yownit" in those days and so did not need to distinguish themselves from each other - as today!!  Also the uniforms differed considerably between the Life Guards, Blues and who ever else was involved before amalgamations took place so it would have been easier to destinguish which regiment the individual was from.
Does this help? ???


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The officers pattern No 1 dress hat was brought into use about 1830 mit peak but no badge, the OR's one had no peak or badge, this remained standard untill late 1914 when the move into Kahki full time, the cap badge was then used by the first and second life guards. OR'S got the kahki service dress hat(still in use today)  and it's lack of colour led to badges being introduced across the board, in 1920 the modern pattern of OR's no 1 dress cap also came into being.
This period in Cavalry history was full of changing uniforms and accessories to account for the quite eccenttric nature of commanding officers and popular fashion. It is also worth noting that the modern fashion of officers wearing pips on shoulders also originated from  the Household division who had always worn them there whereas the majority of the Army wore theirs on the lower sleeve in 1913/1915.
Suitiably long and boring answer! I've seen the original film and all is historically correct, mainly due to the fact that one of the leading ladies in the Film was the wife of the then adjutant of the life guards, he had to resign his commision to marry her, how things change!
Will the HCR ever be re-roled as a C2 Regt or are they doomed to drive CVRT for all eternity?
well HCR well done in keeping the army in the public eye at heathrow.


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I refer you to Villian's post and the answer to that above, oh and the squadron with 16 AA, oh that would be both GW 1&2

Ask the same question to the Blue & Royal Scimitar crew commander who took out an Iraqi T55 with 30mm! The same man then exposed his vehicle to attract fire to enable an Apache LongBow to locate and destroy another T55! He then invited the Pilot for a brew and then sent his sitrep! And he is Welsh!!

You little frustrated Line Swine Tinker YOU.
All you Fish & Chippies
Who was the first into the Falklands,Bosnia,Kosavo,Macadonia,Gulf 2 and had 2 Squadrons in Gulf 1, and soldiers in Afganistan, & Sierra leoane. So therefore have been in every conflict that i can remember since the Falklands. On top of all that we can still manage to provide people for Cerimonial Duties, heathrow security,firemans strike, foot and mouth and any thing else that you moaning lazy idle windging sad excuse for low lifes cant do without 6 weeks notice to move. One does hope this gets through the thick sweeds of some of the less privilaged (thick council house) on this board.
Tally ho old chap.  ;D
This original thread seems to have wandered somewhat and is a little old; however, villan1 are you just breathtakingly ignorant or an agent provocateur?

Having just entered the most excellent ARRSE 'domain' the first thing I spot is your so called question for HCAV: I spent over 30 years with them and I concur with my old friend Nudger and the youngster 22yearcrow and can only add:

get briefed, get on the pulse and wake up!  HCAV do it all quietly, in style and are still prettier than most ;D
:mad:Villain is obviously from some fractional cavalry regiment,which has had more amalgamations than hot dinners.Perhaps he should go to the Museum in Windsor,and find out that we were fighting in wars before Hussars and lancers were invented,and in every other since.Perhaps he is upset with his pink No2 dress trousers or some equally bizarre line regt.accoutrement.

Greetings Nudger.Glad to hear you are alive and well.
:)To Flyingrockdj,
Of course the tone has improved,the REAL cavalry are joining up;things always improve with a touch of class!
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Lovely CR2, But i will tell you now that picture that you have posted is driven & commanded by the HCR, It was done down at Bovington all weather curcuit. The wagon in Question was being filmed by Vickers Defence for their promotional video. As i brought CR2 into servce for you Tankies i know what im talking about because i have that same photo enlarged in my bunk presented to me by the CR2 project manager for Vickers defence in Leeds. So you carry on being proud of CR2, because it is a very good piece of equipment, but remember this that 50% of the trials team were HCR.      
Tally ho old Chap.
yes of course it was. i see your hangars bristling with them not !  the only thing you broke in was your hosses ass   (and sleep)

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