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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by studentnurse26, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. Currently studying adult nursing at university, Just wondering what the difference between nursing officer and nursing soldier roles are.

    I'm a top student at university because of my attitude and the level of studying I put in, due to mild dyslexia I dont perform well in aptitude tests which would probably stop me making the grade to become a nursing officer.

    If I graduate with an honours degree and decided I wanted to join the TA as a nurse what rank and salary would I start on.
  2. Hey blow smoke up your own arse :p you will go far as an officer
  3. Steady........
  4. I was meaning i'm at university due to hard work and a good attitude rather than natural academic ability. completed the access to degree nursing course to gain entry into university which included chemistry ,Biology, physics, maths and communications at intermediate 2 and higher level, passed all my exams with good results all thanks to many hours spent studying in the library, however when wee did aptitude testing at college I never perfomed well.

    taking into account the skill's I would be bringing to the table and the amount of studying i have put in, realistically if i failed officer selection you couldn't possibly expect me to join as a private on half the wage of my NHS friends. I was just woundering if non -commissioned Registered nurses start on a certain solders rank to make the pay more related to the professional job.
  5. Are you for real?

    Wheres Karabiner when you need him?
  6. yes it's a fair question, not meaning to come across as a prick
  7. Officerly and gentlemanly qualities such as humility and an unwillingness to puff out one's own chest?
  8. Well you have...!
  9. Nurses are all Acting Corporals, After bascic training they are all given 2 stripes if they were qualified on joining. Correct me if im wrong about it if a iam anyone.

    Nurses that qualify in the army are all given their Cpl on qualifying as acting rank until their promotion course is done.

    They also have a Competancy Pack that once done gets them more money for being a RGN and specialist qualified get even more on the new framework.
  10. Also dont get me started as pay related to professional job !!!! Certain other trades are trained to same academic level and dont get the same perks as the nurses with promotion and pay.
  11. Sounds like a fair one, being a nurse in the military might have better perks than the nhs.

    On the you tube clips all nurses are Captains and lieutenants etc, only noticed one Soldier (warrant officer) and he was an ODP which is the same level of job as nurse, are there a lot of non commissioned registered nurses in the army?.

    I think I would prafere being a soldier to an officer (as i dont give a shit about being a leader), as long as I got the same level of responsibility regarding the nursing role itself as your standard registered nhs nurse, with a similar pay package I would be happy.

    I apologise for the previous "private" remark, could be read as being arogant when it was not my intention should have used payband instead of rank to get my point across.
  12. I concur..................
  13. That was the TA. Most nurses in TA are commissioned. FACT !

    So you dont want to lead. Sorry fella as you prgress through the ranks you have to lead, not giving a shit is the wrong attitude to have. Maybe you are best staying a Civvy in a band 5 job where you dont have to lead. Pr1ck !!
  14. " Maybe you are best staying a Civvy in a band 5 job where you dont have to lead. Pr1ck !! "

    Sounds like you have a ploblem with nurses my friend
  15. I have no problem with nurses. But your comments about not giving a shit about leading.

    Those that know me will understand about the pay thing been going on for so long. But then life ain't fair. Lol