Question for the ATs

Just watching Sky News and reporter shown in front of the house of the person that did the home goal with the nail bomb in Exeter.
Background was one of those Bomb Disposal vans with Royal Navy Bomb Disposal on the side.
Question is, why didnt the local AT type blokes turn up, thought RN BD only dealt with stuff on the beaches, Navy base stuff and mines!
Forgive me for my ignorance, after all everyone thinks PetOps fill your car up!! :evil:
The RLC, Navy and RAF maintain an IEDD capability and each has its own AOR.

The RAF cover the area around Wittering, whilst the Navy have Northern Diving Unit and Southern Diving Unit.

The RLC takes the majority of the work with 10 tasking Troops throughout the country.

Just occasionally naughty people do naughty things in the Navy and RAFs areas. (However, Peterborough Police don't seem to have much time for the RAF and tend to ask for the Army).
Cheers Dingerr. Im now en-lightened !

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