Question for the Ammo Techs

Discussion in 'RLC' started by biscuits, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,
    We're having an argument...

    Will a claymore mine be enhanced by detonating it into a 44 gallon drum of diesel? Ie, will it ignite the diesel & create a nice big flamethrower, or will it just fcuk up the claymore?

    Any answers greatly appreciated, and I'll post this in the Sapper forum too, in case any of them have tried it.

    Cheers! :)
  2. Inside the drum or just into it from a standoff?

    Either way - diesel is a cnut to ignite. Petrol might just do it if the explosive was close enough.
  3. Get the temp of the Diesel to 54c or so and Bobs your dads brother!
  4. Assuming that claymores explode below 55 deg Centgrade then Diesel is indeed a cnut to get a reaction out of! Bog Standard Petrol is for rank amateurs what you need is AvGas, White Spirit, Acetone or n-Heptane. A simple test to find out which one will catch fire the easiest is to dip your hand in the product and then allow it to evaporate. The colder your hand feels during the evaporation phase then the lower the flashpoint. You will probably struggle to get authority to demand a shit load of Acetone or n-Heptane (unless you're running a lab) so your best bet is AvGas. Dunno where you can get a Claymore. To be honest you shouldn't need one there's much less control over our products than there is over ammo and stuff and that's where the fun lies. Tin of ZX54 in the fire - great fun! dry ice inside a sealed lucozade bottle - much hilarity ensues*

    *Qman does not advocate individuals having fun
    **Qman does not advocate blowing sh1t up
    ***Qman does not advocate dipping yer paws in Hydrocarbons
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    You've been watching too much "A"-Team. :)

    Good answers though lads.
  6. Thanks lads.

    We were looking for innovative suggestions on how to defend the site we are on at the mo with just a section, and inf section scalings. The drums are near the perimeter, and one of the suggestions was to utilise them with the claymore to give a bigger bang. Ignoring the obvious LOAC violation, it became a discussion that required outside help to end, which you have provided.

    Thanks again!
  7. Actually you can get the diesel to ignite if you can pressurise it enough (otherwise how would diesel engines work)

    However it is difficullt to guarentee the compression so you are probably better off to use a more volatile petrochemical mix.

    OOOOhhhh !!! Jeezus - I have just agreed with QMan - I will be drummed out of the ATO world forever.
  8. Come to the dark side, Herrumph. ;)
  9. Forget the oil. Get more claymores.
  10. Huge assumption - Do you know any plastic explosive that detonates below 55degC?

    Why 55degC - how does that temp relate to Diesel?

  11. BD I was being cnuty! The point being that, a claymore should ignite diesel if situated close enough to the product, as diesel has a flashpoint classification of 3 (ie 55 to 100 degrees inclusive). If diesel is below this temperature then it will not give off sufficient vapour to allow combustion in air (to put it more simply for you AT types - it won't burn).
  12. so does diesel burn better with a better air mix (or concentrate) that is in a drum. or can you add a bit of something special which may help the flash point
  13. qman - not being a fuelly type.... Surely the Diesel would have to be above 55degC so the temperature of the claymore detonation would be imaterial (as long as there was a spark)...

    BUT - the question was, would a barrel of diesel 'explode' if a claymore was fired into it...... NO
  14. Nope.

    The purpose of the PAD mine or Claymore is to project hundreds of ball bearings at high velocity. If you fire it into a liquid (diesel, petrol, kerosine or whatever else) it could not possibly enhance the effects of the speed of the ball bearings - it would only slow them down.

    If however you wanted to create a blast incendiary, then you would need 125g of HE for every 2 litres of fuel and initiaite them in intimate contact - you will have to do the calculations yourself for 44 gallons and the NEQ of a Claymore/PAD mine - but the answer is no.
  15. No. The diesel has to be within it's explosive limits (lower and upper) too much air = not enough vapour or transversly too much vapour =not enough air either way it's not gonna burn. As for adding something special- no not really. You could preheat the stuff to it's flashpoint (in which case you won't need a claymore - just keep heating). Or you could mix with a lighter product like AvGas to lower the flashpoint. The light ends in AvGas produce sufficient vapours to form a Lower Explosive Limit very quickly once they catch, the diesel will reach the elusive 55degC very nicely indeed. But in short it wouldn't be diesel.

    BD - not being an Ammo type surely the claymore is capable of producing temperatures in excess of 55degC? Ergo if you place the claymore close enough to the drum the resultant explosion reacting with the diesel would cause the exposed diesel to reach 55. Once you get it going the heat just keeps on building. Remember it's the vapours that burn, not the fuel. Get the vapours going they heat the fuel up and you have got yerself a quality little inferno on the go.

    45 gallon drum equates to roughly 200 litres

    Seems a bit exessive 12.5kg's of bang. Would det-chord wrapped around the drum not be better?