Question for TA/NHS staff

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by usmarox, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Was wondering if any of you working for the NHS had my experience with taking a sabbatical in order to deploy on ops?

    I'm going to check the trust handbook today, but it might be easier if I could cite precedent for it. Unfortunately the usual arguments about professional development don't count here, since I'm not a state-registered anything, and I wouldn't be deploying in my civilian role.

    Any advice gladly received,
  2. I am NHS, and my line manager informs me that I would be supported were I to mobilise whilst employed by them.

    Which Trust do you work for?
    Have you told them you are TA?
    Given them all the Sabre info stuff? Support for Britain's Reservists & Employers | Volunteer Reserves - SaBRE

    You can still argue the personal development side of deployment, not to mention leadership if you are deploying with a rank/appointment.
  3. If you're deploying on ops, wouldn't you be mobilised?

    In which case you wouldn't need a career break?

  4. As above, if you're deploying you're being mobilised & have the 'rights' of being mobilised in that they have to keep your job open...with a clause that it may not be the exact same job ie same dept but of equivilant level. Alternatively, negotiate a career break with your line manager, look at your trusts leave policy. It's not a given right though, depends on the 'needs of the service' whether it will be granted.
  5. Is it not covered in agenda for change? It did used to be under Whitley council and they had to give you leave and pay you when at camp. HR are probably the best people to ask and also you shouldn't lose out financially.
  6. er...... what are you then.?
  7. If the prime minister goes to parliament and gets a compulsory mobisation of the TA then legally your civvy employer must return you to the same position when you return. Since there has never been a compusory mob what youre talking about is a voluntary mob, then your employer doesnt have to keep your job for you. Although chillwell will ask you to fill in forms asking what your employer will do i think this is just for stats. Also it may be different now but way bback n 2001 i got C.O.L.I (COmpensation for Loss of Income) if u can prove you earned more as a civvy (pay slips, bank statements) then the MOD will match this when deployed. Didnt want to mention it but i got paid almost twice as much as regular Cfn that did same job.
  8. Not a doc or nurse?

    my ID is NHS (and Council) and I'm not a medic
  9. NHS Scotland has a national policy on mobilisation so I would suspect there's something similar south of the border.
    The Scottish one is at

  10. I think you will find that statement to be 100% bollox.

    Regardless of who said what to whom, you are mobilised for operations and you do have job protection. It is true that if you employer objects to your call up it will almost certainly be binned, but the fact you may have "volunteered to be considered for mobilisation" does not change the fact that you are being compulsorably mobilised.

    Legally if you do not turn up at Chilwell after recieving a brown letter, you could be jailed for being AWOL... (although admittedly this is not likely...)
  11. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    A google search for NHS sabbatical policy gives 211,000 hits!

    Though to be fair many of them deal with Medical and Dental staff.

    But as you also work for council they will also have a sabbatical policy. (experience of this was when Mrs Fang took a year's sabbatical from teaching to work in education department of local NHS)
  12. We've had few bods from our trust disappear of on tour with no problems from 'da firm'. Seems to be something 'da boss' is supportive of at least.
  13. FFS if you want to deploy then join the TA!!! Is this a WINDUP? or are you wanting to deploy as a CONDO and make stacks of cash rather than wanting to support our troops by being a reservist and wearing the Queen's Uniform?
  14. My experience was from 2000 and again in 2001, i know that even back in 2005 ish, it wasnt called C.O.L.I anymore. Once the TA volunteer to mobilise and sign paperwork at TAC. Yes u do get a letter in post ordering u to attend chilwell by 23.59 Hours on the sunday, the letter says if u dont attend to hand yourself into any millitary or civvy police station with said letter. (still got both of mine) My employer filled my post as soon as I left and had to wait a few weeks after demob to start bk with same employer in same job, as i had to wait for someone else to leave so there was a gap for me to fill. Im still friends with the lad who took my job. Things may be different now as my experience is from 11 years agoe. Apologies if im wrong.....