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Discussion in 'RAC' started by commander, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Recently asked why the RTR are the only ones to wear black denims, to be honest I had no idea, but assumed it went back to the early days of mechanisation and they were worn simply to hide the oils etc, or is there another Regimental reason.
  2. To help us move like ninja, at one with the night...

    or, as you say, for oily reasons. Linky
  3. So you can tell us apart from the donkey wollopers.
  4. Thanks for the replies, very much as I thought.
  5. Like the smell, knuckles dragging on the ground and omnibrow doesn't do that anyway... :twisted:
  6. Tankie2ndrtr

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    because Black is Thinning.... And tankies are built "fuller" than the Donkey Wollopers
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  10. Can we have that again, in English, bonnie lad? :wink:
  11. There must be some link with them old cowboy films where the bad guys always wore black hats? As he closed down,'High reverse ,driver.'
  12. Lasing...