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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. I'd turn up as before, same number of days

  2. Slight reduction

  3. Ram it, I'm going back to Bn.

  1. ... how would you react if told that the training on sunday ( at the RTC ) will end at 5pm?

    When replying, indicate if you are posted or visiting if you would...
  2. less is more
  3. First I have heard of it. I know the new Mod 2 has so much in it that it will take until then to teach but I think some flex is allowed. Frankly if anyone told me that the instructors had to teach until 5pm I would take it most seriously. What is the source?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    You sign in for a day's pay, best you do your 8 hrs to earn it.

  5. Most TA Sundays I don't finish until 1800 anyway. I should add i am no longer an RTC instructor, but I know a number. My only concern is travel, many instructors travel some distance to the RTC, in my case a 1700 finish would have meant getting back to TAC at around 1830-1900 home by 2000!
  6. 0630 to 1430! At the RTC we started at 0630, if the toms were up so were we, inspections etc :wink:
  7. Eight hours.. dream on.

    The kids don't magic themselves back to TACs, they don't take their weapons home with them and they don't keep their kit.

    Plus. one RTC I know is a good two hour drive from the TAC of some of the blokes who turn up.

    So, getting back to TACs at 7pm, hour ( easily ) on admin, leave for home 8- 8.30...
  8. Another obstacle to isolate and cross.

    How much retention of both subject taught or troops do they* expect from this planned extension to sunday.

    As soon as they bring in the 48hr day we're laughing.

    *this rumour control or an idea from the whirlwind??
  9. Even though I voted 'ram it' my typical Sunday ends well after 1800, just by doing the close down admin after the troops have left.

    A part time (ok - casual) job, 2-3 hours one night a week and one weekend a month to do the crap they want now... yeah right!

    Then add in a slopy sholdered PSI who likes passing over stuff, and a Q chain who know we deploy on a Friday night so guess what day they fek off at 1400????
  10. 17.00 On a Sunday Bo llocks. I used to finish on a Monday having started first thing on a Friday morning.

    Having said that I've thrown my teddy and asked for a transfer back to the Battalion. (After six years I doubt they'll want me!)

    Please rearrange the following words into a popular sentence,

    Nest, shi te, own, your, in!

    PS, Didn't vote as I didn't know I had to walk to the middle school to put a cross on a piece of paper. And am p issed!
  11. BB - you beat me to it.

    which 8 hours? don't start me on this subject. The rule is that you get paid for 8 hours work once in every 24 - work that one out.
  12. I'm with Mr T on this. 8hrs min, the kids get up at daft oclock. work till 14-15.00 then travel back to the TACs. I took one lad from Ripon to Scarborough at 17.00 because his Unit had forgotten about him!
  13. BB no disrespect as a visiting instructor ram it :)....Now we start instructing at 7.15, now breakfast has been binned, The instructors in most demand are usually saa, who are "pooled" and are expected to teach to each intake which results in very few breaks.
    That said are we expected to teach addional stuff ie more rifle lessons compared to the current programme, or is it an admin thing. Just think how long it would overrun it the interviews were running behind time so every one left at 6 instead!!
  14. No, you have misread; I asked, how would you react if told that the training on sunday ( at the RTC ) will end at 5pm?
  15. Christ, missing breakfast is a crime. I thought all RTCs were adhering to CMSR. 15 Bde SUTs get breakfast, why cant yours! If you need help pm me and I'll give you the phone number of someone who can help!