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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by hedgie, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    Just a quick one.

    Irish Military law is based on and very similar to British Military Law.

    When you RMP lads on investigating an alleged offence compile

    a book of statements / evidence etc.

    Do you

    1- Interview and record ALL statements whether favourable to the prosecution or not

    2- Before the accused is marched in from of his CO, give him a copy of ALL statements taken in regard to the alleged offence.

    If your uncomfortable in putting the information on here
    you can PM it to me, or request my email address

    Many thanks

  2. To answer your questions:

    1. Generally witness statements are recorded from all witness'.

    2. Not really a question for RMP as all that the RMP do is report the offence to the CO of the soldier who has been investigated.

    Hope this helps
  3. Your right I should have phrased it better

    is the accused given a copy of all witness staements against him

  4. I think that the charge would be put to him first and he would be given the choice to plead guilty. Once he has pleaded not guilty, he is entitled to see the crown's case against him. This would include all statements and non-sensitive unused material. It's the same in any other proceedings under English Law.
  5. Statements are recorded from all witnesses, whether for or against the suspect(s) the RMP in a sense is a fact finding agency.

    All relevant information is then forwarded to the Commanding Officer and legal branches for them to make a decision to charge or not.
  6. Always bear in mind that the RMP conduct investigations on behalf of the CO. We do not charge the individual; all we simply do is collect all relevant information, compile the case file and forward to the Army Prosecuting Authority for them to recommend a charge (if applicable) to the CO.
    CO will receive the paperwork with appropriate legal advice and decide if the individual is guilty or not based on the evidence in front of him.
  7. thanks Lads

    much appreciated
  8. The Suspect doesn’t need the statements as under the new (ish) system the innocent misunderstood person has all the evidence read out to him by the CO or OC! Never been there myself (well maybe once or twice)
  9. sounds like you just read that off a green card, were you interviewing recently?????????????
  10. Ha, maybe i was........
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  12. I have read and "learnt" from a certain book since 7, still i've got a test tomorrow
  13. Getting good at photocopying me!
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