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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shamrock, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. U know when a bright-eyed 18 year old strolls into the ACIO and says "I want to be a PTI" answer Of course son,just sign here and before long you,ll be a PTI. Young lad of course is sent into an infantry batt. and will never see a red/white vest. My question is, if i turn up at the local TAC and "hello, i like motorbikes.Will you give me a bike license and train me up as a bike mechanic?" Will the answer be, Of course son, just sign here. And spent years driving 4-tonners, fodens & DROPS etc. I wod appric. all trueful facts and honest comments. especially seniors from RLC. thanks
  2. If you jsut want to ride bikes fella join the Hells Angels.

    Very few opportunities for riding bikes in the RLC and virtually none existent for Pte soldiers. However the most relevent trades in the RLC are Postal and Courier Op and Driver Tank Transporter.

    However i don't know if Driver Tank Transporter is available in the RLC, i believe this side of things is mainly civilianised, but i'm sure someone else will be able to give a better answer.

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  3. msr

    msr LE

    The advice remains: join your local unit. If is not a unit with motorbikes (and very few are) then use your bounty to get the driving licence.

  4. Of course Son, just sign here..................................etc, etc :D
  5. my battalion (infantry) had two motorbikes with the MT platoon and they were fully utilised for convoy work and as dispatch riders. They did basic maintenence as we also had a very good REME light aid detatchment who looked after them.

    Maybe you should look for a transfer?
  6. if you want to fix bikes, join a REME unit. nobody is solely a "bike mechanic", you would have to become a normal vehicle mechanic, however, these guys work on the bikes and need to have their CAT A, to take said bikes out for a road test.

    REME VM's are some of the few who have to have CAT A as part of their trade. hope that helps.
  7. My RLC unit have two bikes, but getting a license to use them is apparently rare as rocking horse shi'ite, i believe you have to be a minium rank of l/cpl to go on the course.
  8. the bikes in my battalion were only ridden by those in MT who already had CAT A licences so the best thing would be to get the licence yourself and then try and join MT (where you can get the rest of your licences - I got B,C+E & H!)

  9. Not the case at all, no minimum rank

    Though units would probaly insist you have your B3 and other relevant licences before letting you loose on a Harley :wink:
  10. Getting the license out of the system is the difficult bit; however your average RLC Transport Regiment will normally several motorbike teams that take part in events such as the 24hr enduro rally.
  11. Forgot to mention, most TA units have a REME LAD, so chances are you can become a VM at your nearest unit.

    Dont let anybody try and put you on other trades, if fixing bikes/cars is your thing. people promise the world, in there attempt to get you into a specific trade they want filled.

    do abit of backround reading and go from there, but stick to your guns, make sure you get into the trade that you want.
  12. At a Study Day last year, DRLC made the comment that on operational tours, no one would send a bloke out on his own on a motorcycle, as it's more than likely he won't come back.

    If that's the case, why are the RLC still using motorcycles, said the Director.

    If you join the RLC, as a driver, you'll be trained as a DROPS driver to start with, before they'll let you anywhere near a motorcycle.

    The emphasis on a field training exercise, whether it's weekend or annual camp, is usually on getting trucks on the road, not motorcycles.
  13. REME are getting stricter these days about who they recruit. The days of someone without a relevant background getting in seem to be gone, due to skill fade.

    If you're not fixing things during your normal working week, the way the man training days are within the TA these days you could end up working in the workshops for one or two weekends a year, and that's not enough to stay up to speed.
  14. If you want to enjoy riding a bike then as stated join local TA and use bounty for licence.

    If you want to escort tank transporters then crack on.

    If you want to fix em then its the REME for you young man! (person)
  15. Thats a mis-conception, its more likely to be unit policy. As far as im aware, there are no restrictions on REME TA recruitment, except of course, how an individual performs on the entrance test, which determines their potential future trade.

    i personally havent seen anything come out of DEME(A), CVHQ and i believe DES hasnt changed either. So it may just be unit policy.

    i may be wrong, i hope im not, as my unit would be circling the drain within 6 months...