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Discussion in 'REME' started by boogaloo, May 23, 2011.

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  1. Morning all, I have my BARB test on the 7th of June and put my earliest selection date as 1st of August. I've gone for avionics technician and electronics technician as 2 of my chosen careers. Assuming I get through selection with no worries, does anybody here know how long I could be waiting to begin basic training? I know I should go to an AFCO but I'm away for a few days and a mate of mine reckons his brother has been waiting 2 years.
  2. Sounds about right. Anywhere up to around 2 years depending on what grade your given.
  3. well that's a bit of a downer, had hoped that since I was given my BARB date almost a week after my initial application, it meant I may get through the process quickly. Thanks for your time
  4. let the Recruiter tell you how long you may be waiting. The chap who might be waiting for two years may have additional constraints - age, drugs, qualifications which require a PSO to approve, outstanding court judgements etc, you cannot join for example, while you are bound over.
  5. Mate, quick tip from a tech, scrap the idea of going tech.....there's no point.....time promotion has been binned and all the extra time you'll spend training will be a waste. If you're extremely lucky (and I do mean lucky), and actually make it to sgt, then here you will stagnate, unless you've kissed serious butt, do your tiffy course, and continue to kiss serious butt. If you're good enough to go tech....join as a steam reme, you'll shine and speed through the ranks!!
  6. What do you mean by steam? May be a daft question but my background is in electronics so I only really looked at the tech roles.
  7. Obviously written by someone who doesn't know the value of Technician training.

    Don't let anyone tell you which way to go. If you want to be a tech, be one. If you want to be a VM, be one. Techs still get their first tape when leaving training, it's after this that you have to shine a bit to get on. As for kissing butt and doing a tiffy course.....take it from someone who hasn't gone tiffy, you cannot fight the system. The tiffy course is part of REME, they love it. You will find it difficult to get on past Sgt without going tiffy, especially in this day and age of redundancies etc. This will all balance out however in a few years. However, you will find it difficult in all trades to promote past Sgt if you do not go down the tiffy route, not just Tech.
  8. Well I got a good score on the BARB etc and was given my list of potential roles. Deeply dissapointed that no REME jobs had intakes this year. It seems as though the only thing in demand are guardsmen, drivers and storemen. Anybody here have any insight as to when the next intake, preferably for avionics/electronics techs, would be?
  9. it depends if the army have vacancies or not. from my barb till my entry day is just over a year
  10. It all depends on your Grade and IDST score at need a good A grade for REME and RE jobs and they have loaded most trades till January...........wait till you get your score at ADSC then you can roughly guess...but need a good A grade or will be hard..........Ive had a number of A grades who waited nearly 16 months for Avionics/Air Tech but was well worth the wait