Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ViciousCircle, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Just out of curiosity I was wondering which of the following insults the QA WOs' the most:

    The fact that the QA Corps RSM has been moved to Birmingham as a "Wardmaster" ?


    That they do not have the Quality to fill the post left vacant at MDHU Northallerton (which has now been filled by a RAMC WO1) ?

    Your thoughts please.
  2. Is it set in stone that the RSM at each MDHU should be a QA?
  3. Without detracting from the above questions, another question I would like the QA Corps RSM to answer is why it is forbidden for the QARANC Stable belt to be worn?

    I asked a SNCO recently why she was not wearing it and she informed me that the QA Corps Razza had banned them.....????

    Is it a size availability issue?

    Or does it clash with make up?
  4. Primroseandblue wrote:

    Why do you have to answer a question with a question ?

    Just answer the Bl**dy question that was asked :roll:
  5. Im out of touch, would someone PM me the name of the current QA RSM.
  6. im not a QA

    however with regards to QA corps RSM moving to birmingham as a wardmaster, wasnt that always a secondary role of QA WO in the old military hospitals.
  7. Not a QA myself but apparently QA dress regs state that only 2 forms of Corp identity :banned: i.e. beret and stable belt can be worn at any one time, problem arose with the advent of TRF's on Cbt 95 which meant the only optional item was the belt so that had to go.
    I have been told that the QA recruiting team have removed their TRF's so that they can then wear their belts. :roll:
    If this info is true does that mean that they can no longer wear their rank slides with QARANC below their rank. :plotting:
  8. :? :? :? :? :? :?

    Call be a bluff old traditionalist, but why does'nt the Corps RSM just initiate a re-write of the QA Dress Regs ?

    delete 2 forms of QA insignia and insert 4

    makes perfect sense to me or is that the problem something making sense. :p
  9. Maybe there's more to this than meets the eye, but it seems to me that having the Corps RSM as Wardmaster at the most media and politically high profile DMS facility makes perfect sense.

    As for a replacement at Northallerton, how many WO1s does a Corps the size of the QAs have? More than they need I suspect, but probably not enough to fill all the commitments potentially available. Besides which, having been to said MDHU, I doubt whether potential candidates were fighting over the chance to serve there.
  10. the last male Corps RSM (Mr S) we had was situated in 'Nam (Birmingham), his successor (Miss D) was posted to Northallerton or Frimley, I cant quite remember.

    even a WO 1 has to fill an LSN, but where is it written that they have to serve in a specific unit location? The vast majority of Hospital Unit RSMs have always been RAMC.
  11. At the CMH when I was a trog, you had a RAMC WO2 who was CSM and dealt with discipline and that kind of stuff and there was a RAMC WO1 who was the inpatient wardmaster.
  12. I'm really really sorry about that, it must have greatly annoyed you reading something so silly.

    Allow me to edit what I said and put a statement instead of a question:

    "I wasn't aware that the post of RSM at the MDHUs was restricted to QA WO1s"

    I hope that was more in keeping with the sort of thing you would rather people posted Vicious Circle.

    Let this be a lesson to all other arrsers about the dangers of poor grammer.

  14. Now you have corrected your grammar, all you need to do is concentrate more on your spelling. :roll:
  15. She went to Frimley and was replaced by a stunningly handsome ODP as MCM Div couldnt find a suitable QA, he had the job for 8 months before being replaced by a CMT (rightful heir to the throne) and returning to the holyland. Apparently it was a shite job as he had to clear all the crap left by the QA before he could crack on.