Question for Line Infantry Soldiers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boredcivvy, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Experienced Infanteers,

    whats your opinion on (regarding differences in soldiering standards and fitness)

    # RAF Regiment
    # RM
    # 1,2 and 3 PARA
    # 4 PARA
    # RMR

    (thanks for your help, it will go towards a report on training/outcome standards within a 'similiar sector' assignment)
  2. Hmm yes, I think you're just after yet another abuse other units thread. We've got more than enough of them already if you ask me.

  3. I'm not, I have a report to complete on different delivery systems that have the same (ish) outcome.

    so on this case the outcome is 'soldiering/infantry skills and standards'

    and the delivery systems are CTCRM, RAF Honnington, PARA Depot, TA etc etc

    And as the mentioned Units are classed as so called 'Elite' by the mainstream civilain media, I would like if possible, the opinions of the standard line infantry regiments.

    As I am guessing, apart from slight fitness differences that the standard differences between line inf and these 'elite' units are not as vast as 'advertised'.
  4. Wow, and this report of your will quote 'some unidentified bloke off of the interweb' as a source will it? Who are you writing it for? Fisher Price? :roll:

  5. well, as its for my kid brother BTEC Nat Cert. , they are not that bothered about resource origin or the fact that you have to use empirical journal articles.

    So forum users answers will suffice
  6. Just make it up yourself, even for a school project this is useless. Nameless people who may or may not be infantry, or even Army, telling you what they think of other units that they've probably never worked with.

    Fantastic stuff! While you're at it, why don't you do a project comparing US units' combat effectiveness based on what you've seen on various Hollywood B films.
  7. Afraid you can't compare them, different regimes and different products required. Also unless someone has worked with every one of those Units then once again you cannot compare. Should you not also compare 40 Cdo, 42 Cdo and 45 Cdo if you want it to be all encompassing?

    Sounds a bit fishy...
  8. Well with all that lack of evidence or academic rigour it must be worth at least three A levels :wink:
  9. "I have a report to complete on different delivery systems that have the same (ish) outcome."

    So are you going to write it for him, too? :?
  10. That's as near to biting as you're gonna get.

    Rock apes more elite than a "standard" (shudders) infantry regiment?

    Hahahaha..... :lol:
  11. Well, if "not that bothered about resource origin" is your key phrase then this should suit you down to the ground.
  12. not completely, but will help him with it.

    I'm sorry if I have annoyed people with this request, but the standard of replies have been quite rude or pointless!

    Wouldn't it be better not to comment, if the answer is going to be nonsense?

    I feel like I have offended you all? apologies for this, all I want is several differents opinions on the stated units
  13. well the media would make you believe this!

    RAF Reg training is 29 weeks, Line Inf is 24 weeks,

    RAF Reg are in SFSG

    RAF Reg JROC is apparently far more arduous than PCBC
  14. This is a pointless wind-up meant to get everyone slagging each other off; find something better to do with your afternoons, and make the next wah better than this.
  15. UKSF are the only elite units in HM Forces. RM, RAF Reg and PARA Reg are bog standard just like the rest of us!

    Fitness standards are an individual thing, you get robust, good fit soldiers in all units, not just the 3 stated above!