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Question for Instrument Techs

Casting my memory back to 1964 (or so) I remember doing a test on the scope fitted to the No 4 sniper rifle.
The test was done by sighting on a board at quite short distance and to remove parallax error a disc with a very small hole in it was inserted in the rear of the scope.

Does anyone with a better memory than mine know size of the hole in the disc?

Seems a daft question but I may need to make up a disc for my scope as an experiment.
I thought you just focused up close on a light surface and looked away and back regularly till you got rid of the error - no mention ever of any discs with holes.

However, the hole in a pinhole occluder*, an object used by opticians to test the peepers, is from 1mm to 2mm in size. That might be a reasonable size guide for you.

Note: Google pinhole occluder.

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