Question for HCav.

They don't - if you're looking for a TA cavalry unit in London, try "W" Sqn, The Royal Yeomanry (Westminster Dragoons) at Duke of York's HQ.
Here is another question.

Do the Blues and Royals exept GYC officers?

if not do any of the other Cav regements.

What is a Gap Year officer likly to be doing if he joins the cavalry.
The Inns of Court Yeomanry ride horses in the London Lords Mayor's show, however they aren't Cavalry anymore - now signals. Still wear Cav uniforms and behave like Cav tho, not been totally corporate branded by blanford - yet!
I know, I am dislexic so my SPAG is terrable. I am working towards improving it. I am given an extra 25% in exams to compensate. Its not that I am a dum smuck I just can't spell.

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