Question for G2LB

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jim4244, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that you can type cnut and it comes out as cnut, whilst whenever I type cnut it remains as cnut?
  2. Sorry to poke my nose in. You type C U N T, but close together.

    Try again ...... you put between the u and n.

    Click "quote" on the matelot's and my posts ...... you'll see........ cunt.
  3. G2LB types cnut there are no spaces between the letters. Whats so special about him them eh?
  4. Oh....and apologies to Wench3000, in advance, for yet another shite thread
  5. Why do you want to use the word cunt anyway? Cnut is just as effecive. ;)
  6. Jack - I just thought that there may be some sort of conspiracy going on. I would never use such language!
  7. I've edited my post. Have you clicked "quote" on matelot's and my posts to reveal the secret?
  8. Ahhhhhh......I feel as if I have just joined the Masons.

    I shall guard the secret well!
  9. That G2LB is a cunt!
  10. He won't hear you now as this is in the arrse hole!
  11. cunt...

    Edited to say: Oooh, it worked :D
  12. Cunt

    I was doing it before it was cool! :D
  13. cunt

    tee hee...i feel naughty now