Question for ASMT staff from 1994

Discussion in 'RLC' started by cloudbuster, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. I've asked this on the Logistics thread;

    Anorak on:

    In 94 I did a C+E at ASMT. On the park were a number of tractor/trailer combinations, based on the Morris/BMC FG, with an interesting coupling/decoupling arrangement.

    Could it be possible that a former inmate of Leconfield might be able to satisfy my curiosity with some info on the model designation, use, and ultimate disposal?

    Thanks, in anticipation.

    Anorak off.
  2. My, my

    Imagine my surprise at finding a post that didn't blow smoke up an AT's hole!

    The vehicle that you are referrring to is a furberry dooganger and was used as a remedial training tool for short sighted drivers. It was indeed based on Morris/BMC FG which I am sure you will remember as being a bit of a bind for those of us who were trained on the grupis/YTF BM. It served for many years at ASMT and was only replaced after it was found to be in contravention of the Road Traffic Act because of its double ended fruberry intakes which made braking a bit dangerous to say the least. The coupling and decoupling arrangement was VERY interesting and I know for a fact that the lads spent many a night in the NAAFI discussing both it's pro's and con's.

    The vehicle was disposed of last year. Most were underslung under a Hercules and dropped on top of Snowdon but one was coupled to HMS Sexy Fun and towed out to Basrah where it was filled with human sh1t and launched from a trebuchet in the general direction of Iran.

    I am sure you would agree that this was rather an ignominious end to a truly fascinating vehicle.

    Thanks for the question (in retrospect)
  3. Take no notice of Qman, he is bored today and has no potential instructors to fail.... :wink:

    I think you maybe wrong about the type of vehicle you saw. The FG series of trucks ran from 1960-68 and although the Army have a habit of keeping vehicles for a long time i dont think you saw those types being used in 94(?).
    I think the ones you are on about are the Bedford TK type with the interesting coupling arrangement for the trailer. Basically a dolly-type wheel, which would fold under the trailer load bed when coupled upto the tractor unit.
  4. qman,
    you are so full of knowledge, perhaps you could help me answer this one:

    whilst attending leconfield in the early nineties to do my driving, which incidently isn't my trade just a hobby that pretty much anyone in the RLC can do, i woke up after a night on the lash in a strange looking vehicle parked up by the adv traing wing. the vehicle was big, yellow in colour and when i turned her over some strange long sticks started spinning round on top of the said vehicle. after pushing down on the gas a bit the thing started to mysteriously lift off the ground before smashing into a large green hanger and bursting into flames. as i ran away i could see lots of irate people in blue uniforms shaking there fists at me whist shouting chocs away.

    Any ideas what this crazy vehicle was?
  5. Why yes of course my little lashed up friend.

    The crazy vehicle you refer to was in fact a choppie-wocca. Normally these vehicles have the long sticks on the underneath and the vehicle is used to distract easily bored students stuck in DST (formerly ASMT) on crappy trog courses. It also provided the camp with a grass cutting facitlity. Unfortunately the one you climbed into was upside down as it was having it's spinney sticks sharpened. This is needed because the grumblereefers go tits up if the air trubs don't get wongled regularly. Any way you probably experienced a sensation of lifting off the ground because you caused it to vibrate off the lifting ramps it is stored on and because you were upside down it probably felt like you were going up (or some such sort of sh1t). The irate people were probably wank3rs so don't worry about it.
  6. Hang on a second I'll just translate that into normal speak for the normal people amongst us you little chemical freak.

    Take no notice of Qman, he is bored today and has no potential instructors to fail.... :wink:

    I think you maybe..........blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bore bore bore bore bore bore bore bore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snore snore snore snore snore ddddrrrrrrriiiiiiiible farrrrrrrt bore bore bore tractor unit
  7. Would it be what we used to call at 3 Div, a baby bender?

    And i dont mean MDN.

    Absolute twat to reverse.
  8. Yes, exactly. If you could reverse one of them then a 40 footer was piece of pish!.....but then you moved on to the daddy of them all....DROPS with trailer! Fecking low air buzzer warning!!!
  9. Take no notice of Qman, he was on the ranges today and got chance to wear his newly issued Arctic Warfare kit at Ash Ranges. Well come on, it does get cold lying down on that nasty firing point...Bless!!

    And believe you me, the nearest anyone at Qmans Unit gets to arctic conditions is opening the freezer doors at Lidl !!!!
    "Special Forces Only"!!!! :wink: :D
  10. Doanchoodare make me sound like some sort of walt Mr Chemical! We didn't ask for or receive our super duper trooper clothing and well you know it! Tres amusing watching yoonowhoo try to justify it to not 1 but two BOWO's.
  11. [​IMG][/img]

    Qman, 2 of these have just arrived on the back of a 40'er. Your Unit address on the Issue Voucher as well. Wanna get yoonowhoo to come over and sign for them?

    (Says on the issue voucher, in the Special Instruction Box, "complete with heated seats") :D :D :D
  12. Weren't they Bedfords with the same cab as the CL? I know our driving insturctor at 3PC Regt had access to one and called it a baby bender also as for old wagons floating about there were still some knockers floating around tail end of 93 think they were there for troop comanders cse