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In 94 I did a C+E at ASMT. On the park were a number of tractor/trailer combinations, based on the Morris/BMC FG, with an interesting coupling/decoupling arrangement.

Could it be possible that a former inmate of Leconfield might be able to satisfy my curiosity with some info on the model designation, use, and ultimate disposal?

Thanks, in anticipation.

Anorak off.
cloudbuster said:
Anorak off.
No; I think it's permanently bonded.

I do know the ones you mean though. I'll bet someone on here will have pictures and everything. Might be worth trying the RLC thread.


Dragstrip, clearly you know me too well.

I thank you for the hint, and I'll re-post on the RLC thread.
I dont remember the Morris/BMC stuff but we used to have a Bedford TK/CL tractor unit with a Tasker trailer which when coupling/uncoupling the legs with wheels dropped down automaticaly in the late 70s/early 80s and some were even used as freight service in Kent in the 80/90s
That's the ones I was thinking of. Long green things; cab looked a bit like a Bedford TK.


I did the C+E on the TK/Tasker combo, but the tractor in question was deffo the BMC 'Thruppeny Bit'
If it was a three wheeler I think it was most probably a Scammell which was designed for railheads & depots. Last saw one on a programme on TV where they restored various vehicles.
It's possible that what you saw was a Scammell coupling.These were used with the 3 wheeled "mechanical horses" that British rail had in the early 60s. I also had a mate who drove for the ROF after coming out of teh army in 1962 and he tells me that he drove aBedford with that coupling. The idea was that the driver didn't have to get out of his cab to hitch/unhitch.


Nope, not a mechanical horse, sapperted, but you could well be right on the money with the Scammell Coupling craftsmanx.

Edited to add piccie; looked like this except, naturally, in olive green;

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