Question for any Mortarmen on here...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yeoman_dai, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. If you carry out the correct drills - making sure that you are below the muzzle of the barrel on firing - then we don't need them. I reckon that if you used one and it allowed you to be above the muzzle on firing, then when the time comes that you fire without one, you "forget" to get your head down, and then end up looking like Nikki Lauder. Looks like extra cash just to let you carry out lazy drills.
    This is only my opinion on the matter - all 3 mortar courses, 6 years as a Mor 2 i/c and 2 years at the div.
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  2. If it ain't broke - don't fix it! If drills are completed correctly then there are not normally any problems. The more shite you add - the more things that can go wrong and the more you have to carry.
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  3. Well you learn someting new everyday.
    I always thought they were just for cak handed yanks who couldn't fit the rounds down the barrel without some sort of guide (mind you, the amount of blood blisters I've had trapping some skin between fins and barrel, they might be a good thing).
    All 3 courses and 6 years a 2I/C, but never the pleasure of a spell at the Div.
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  4. The yanks can't even **** a game of rugby up without a load of shitty armour and padding, the same obviously goes for their mortars!

    I've got a question for the expierienced mortarmen though, do your arses still resemble Japanese flags?
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  5. No, but their bedsheets do.
  6. I don't claim to be a mortarman, however, I do know that it was a mod developed for the US when they adopted it. We adopted the mortar decades before that and have not yet felt the need for such a device.
  7. Apparently septics from the shallow Appalachian end of their murky unchlorinated gene pool, had real problems, their ears kept hanging on the muzzle rim!

  8. It's not a vital attachment. The "flash" from an 81mm is hardly worth writing home about even if you do get lazy and fail to keep your head down, perhaps if you were chucking rounds down the 120mm that the frogs use then it would be diserable.

    As has been mentioned, the main attraction is perhaps their ability to prevent a few pinched palms whilst "stoking" rounds but any no.2 worth his salt can manage to throw the rounds down quick enough without one.
  9. They could well be coming soon, H&S will catch up with the 81.
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  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Now a real break through would be some gadget that A. Cleans the fecker and B. Doesn't require the No.1 to stand the baseplate for the first round.
  11. I know this is an old thread but to keep everyone up dated - it's currently being looked at to have them fitted to possibly reduce noise and help protect against hearing loss.

    At the moment live firing on the 81mm is restricted to Ch 2.
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  12. Pardon
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  13. What?

    Speak up!
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  14. well, everyone else had 81mm Brandts when you lot had 3-in and your modern 81mm bombs appear to have a rubber band on them and you persist with a 2-in mortar when everyone else has 60mm?
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