Question for any dog handlers

Is it true that dog handlers used to have to toss their hounds off? Or was it just another of the urban myths that make army life so interesting.
And if it is true, do their old chaps look like angry red turkey basters?
LOL Dunno but we had a guy on trade course who used to w#nk the ASM's dog off at NAAFI break in the crew room.  He always stopped just short of full hand relief and kept it going for about two months until he felt sorry for the mutt and finished it off on the lino outside the ASM's office ;D
Any mad hund that get's their lipstick out should be disiplined and locked in the op's room cupboard by the burning bag and forgot about. That was the trick of Emanuell Spiturmy AKA Victim number 5.
My old Sigs Sgt had a fourteen foot high Great Dane

Should see it run when 110Amps and 24volts flies through it ;D

I once played uckers for a forfeit with an Irish Air Trooper.....his forfeit was to lick the starfish of the above mutt ;D


Well, I don't know about dog handlers, but I do remember from Jackerooing in northwestern Australia a mate (well he was an utter prick in fact as will shortly become clear) who sucked off a hound, during the grim boozing session that followed our being paid off from Beefwood station, Fitzroy Crossing WA, on the day of the Melbourne Cup. We'd been talking porn and he declared that "Any stupid cunt can suck off a dog", which I suppose is true. And then he did it, on a small cattle dog that happened to pass by. He decided to spit not swallow!

(And he was the camp thief as well, nicking my fantastic Polaroid sunnies that made me look like an Israeli assassin. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrse!)


War Hero
As a dog handler i can tell you it aint true, however my mate dinga used to let his dog shag his leg all the time while we were in iraq, but then again this is the dinga who was barred from anne summers for pleasuring himself over some kinky stuff in there, caught on camera and the lot lol!

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