question for any Combat HR Specialists

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. can you help me with a typing question please? :D

    right, i'm writing a paper in MS Word 2007 and i keep getting uncommanded lines appearing in my document when i try to do certain functions.

    for instance, when i try to indent a paragraph, it indents BUT with a horizontal line running across the page, both above and below the paragraph in question! same thing when i try to number or bullet point a list.

    any ideas what they are, and how to turn them off?
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Who the fcuk do you think we are, Bill Fcuking Gates? We, suprisingly, dont write the software or design, maintain, upgrade hardware.

    We just use the shite just like you.


    Evening Cr how the devil?
  3. its in tools or paragraph setup, when u delete the tab u can manipulaTE IT FROM THERE
  4. ..... and with word processing being the main effort of both the Basic and Advanced Military Administrators Courses, I am surprised you were not flooded with quality, technical responses there!

    It's probably because Cbt HR Specs spend so much time typing, they fcuk everyone's pay up all the time! :x
  5. You should ahve asked for an App Spec's help instead.
  6. ........... or one of those ever-so-clever RMP IT boffins who work at SPCB! Alternatively, use the MS Word Help function....
  7. i was getting annoyed with this, because i've used word for years and never experienced this.

    finally sussed it. with sleuth-like care, i went through the document line by line whilst scanning the screen.

    for some reason, the borders button was in some places defaulting to "line at the bottom". i haven't inserted any borders, but it was there anyway. when i previously highlighted the entire document to check, it showed as "no borders", but clearly this problem was intermittent throughout the doc.

    so i highlighted the whole of the doc, clicked borders to "all" then "none" and the problem disappeared.

    very weird, no idea why it happened, but happy endings (in the non-messy sense) :D
  8. We are are not fucking genusuises.
  9. Saw what you did there ;)
  10. "Combat HR Specialist!!!"

    Makes me chuckle evey time.

    A few others:

    Combat Cook, Combat Chef, Combat Padre......I am sure you get the gist!

    What were the thinking!!
  11. you're certainly not. and you're not a genius either ;)
  12. This thread really has to stop now.
  13. I am shocked-CR using a computer for a purpose that is not prohibited by one or more of the major faiths! (edited to add...) and major animal protection legislation
  14. kinda depends on the title of the document i was writing, doesn't it? ;)