Question for all you Armourers, or peeps on the know how.

Discussion in 'REME' started by hkpete, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Might sound like a silly question, but I need to know to make an important decision.

    I served in the Infantry (RWF) and then I worked in America teaching firearms classes and doing some armorer work. Now I'm back in the UK and missing my work with firearms badly. Obviously with the UK's stupid laws, the only place I can work with firearms is in the Forces There's a chance I could go back to America to work and go on some civvie Armourer courses run by the manufacturers (Smith & Wesson, Sig, Bushmaster etc).

    A few weeks ago a thought popped into my head, why not re-join as an Armourer with the REME. Now this leads me to my question, I want the job where I will gain most experience with firearms. So I would like to know, aside from the mainstream L85, GPMG, L9 etc, what other weapons will I be working on? What weapons have you guys fixed. I want the most variety I can get, whether it be here or America. I have most experience with the HK weapons, mainly the roller locked series.

    Cheers :)
  2. Kit an armourer might expect to work on:

    155mm AS90 & Turret
    120mm Challenger 2 & Turret
    105mm Field gun
    81mm Mortar
    51mm Mortar
    30mm Rarden Cannon & Warrior, Scimitar turrets
    H+K L104 Riot gun
    L67 Riot gun
    Pistol pyrotechnic
    L74 and L32 Shotguns
    Browning .50 Machinegun
    Barret Sniper rifle
    AI .338 Sniper rifle
    AI L96 Sniper rifle
    GPMG + Tripod
    L94 Chain gun
    L85 A2 SA80
    L86 A2 LSW
    Apache Chain gun
    Pistol 9mm
    Special ops weapons, specialist training.

    6x42 Schmidt and bender scope from L96
    C2 Sight
    Prismatic compass
    L12 Bino
    No2 Bino
    No5 Bino
    CWS Image Intensifier
    PNG Image Intensifier
    Manacle Image Intensifier
    Spyglass Thermal imager
    Mira Thermal imager

    Super Nikon and other special to role observation equipments

    This list is far from exhaustive and does not include the misc equipments such as cookers and water heaters
  3. Pushbikes, tilly lamps and cooksets :lol:

  4. Thanks guys, this is the most helpful info I have had so far :)
  5. trophies might need engraving too.
  6. Lol! :lol:
  7. Very few units tend to have engravers these days but it is another string to the bow and some ex armourers make good money engraving.

  8. What about joining the UK Police as a Force Armourer? You would then get to work with HK? or the same type of job with the security service?
  9. Police armourer pay is crap!! Some forces want the armourer to repair the weapons, issue and receipt them, Ammo storeman and range conducting officer for the wage of a Cfn - LCpl. Each to their own though.

  10. Agree with but cant confirm the pay issue re Police armourers. Would have thought the job would be ok for someone after full army career on a pension. Not that many of them either, we have only one in the whole of West Mercia. Would have thought Forces with higher number of Firearms Officers (Met, West Mids, Manchester etc) will have more but would have thought a huge number.
  11. There isn't that huge a call for Police Force Armourers in the UK, and given I'm still in my twenties, they probably wouldn't let me until I had done 2 years probation as a regular bobbie. Now if I had done full 22 years in the Army as an Armourer then they mite reconsider. And hey, running around in greens again would be a nice trip down memory lane. :)

    Yeah the pay is less than the Police, now I think about it, how much does an Armourer get paid after completing Phase 2?
  12. Armourers are on the higer pay band so what ever that is? Look on the army web site it should have pay scales

  13. What you also need to consider is that the armourers and gunfitters have now combined and you might end up in an armoured unit that will have less of the kit that you want to work on.
  14. If you get attached to a multi-national force, you get to work on anything from M16's & Glocks to AK47's & Draganovs. Although, don't expect to get any training.

    The Crabs use M60's on Chinnocks, so being attached to a helicopter force will allow you to work on those (nearly identical to GPMG anyway).
  15. DDave
    Armourers are on the higher pay band as a Lance Jack onward to Artisan Ssgt where you revert to lower band again(like all of our poor tradesmen). Just a point to note but an important one if your fella is make the leap!