Question for all Leaving the army or have left recently

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Halo, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. My other half is about to leave the army, he has been offered a position with a company but they want to know what is the earliest date that he can leave the army. Knowing his admin and resettlement who, with all due respect are total useless throbbers and not helping at all, he has asked i post on here.

    Not going to post his actual leave date so lets say its April this year, there is now someone posted to his unit that will be taking over for him so what would you guys estimate a possible leaving date would be for him? How does early release work (thats for me not him) He has hardly any resettlement leave left dur to interviews and such.

    Please move this to RHQ if its in the wrong forum, i didnt know where to post and seein he is a junior rank i thought this would be the best place.
    Thanks in advance
  2. If he has a good job to settle into, he can waiver resettlement and apply for early release! Is the opportunity to good too miss?
  3. Its a good job with a great salary and ALOT of perks to the job, you all understand i dont want to put too many details on here as he is still serving. Persec
  4. Being out for ages its all changed, but knowing the pair of you and the situation cos of the job he's doing and where with the new guy/girl posted in I'd like to think it would be a case of as soon as the paperwork of handover/take over is done he can offski.

    The fact he has good job to come out to is too good a chance to miss.
  5. I belive if you have a solid job offer with a set start date, then you can leave early. Although i fully belive the admin staff are throbbers, they are going to be the people he needs to speak to and go through with this. The sooner he starts requesting early discharge the sooner he will be out.
  6. I know that, You know that but this is the army we are talking about, no offence guys, please take none from that. It is a great opportunity as you know FFBox, really too much of a good one to not accept, he is concerned that he will be denied early release and he will lose the job.
  7. He doesnt go back to work until Monday, his first port of call should be the Resttlement officer he was assigned and the admin office, he also needs to talk to the OC about a reference of some kind, from what i gather the OC is not an accomodating guy, could this cause some sort of delay?

    The company have said that he needs to inform them of a leaving date before a job offer would be issued as the date needs to be listed on it, is this normal practice?
  8. Tell him to look after himself and do it.

    I was in employment, a job too good to turn down, 5 months before leaving. didnt tell the army anything, justed waived leave, resettlement everything. Paid double tax but as this job was overseas it did not confuse the taxman. I think in this case, as he wont be able to get a P45 from the MOD he will pay super tax on his new salary.

    Basically, if his unit is telling him to bugger off or he can bluff the fact he is not in work, get him to take the job. Dont go to resettlement officers etc as they will cloud the whole thing as all they will do enforce the Armys rules, which your hubby should not give a toss about now! He will however need a few days off now and then for final paperwork etc. Also, dont tell his new employer, it will only confuse! One point tho' if it is high risk work, ie, Afghan contract work, do not take it until he is properly discharged. PM if you want more info as I did it.

    PPS: Why is this post on Juniors? Once outside rank makes no difference!!
  9. Sorry i got distracted by my new gleaming windows and had an overwhelming urge to lick them, the other half is not happy, they are all sticky from the ice cream now, (i didnt know where to post it, MODS FEEL FREE TO MOVE IT TO WHERE IT SHOULD BE)

    PM on its way, thank you