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Question for all APTC types

Neil.I am back in touch with a mutual old mate.Kev Mason??? If you have lost touch since your 10 Reg days,PM me and i will pass his mobile on to you.
Will Moore
Mother said:
In your opinion, do you think that resting heart rate is a good indication of a soldiers general fitness?
Nope! Its the recovery rate that is the good indicator. My wife has the lowest resting heart rate I have ever come across (excuse the pun), but she can't run for a toffee!
Seriously though, a lower resting pulse is a good indication of your potential! :thumright:
You get a lower resting heart rate when your left ventricle (part of the heart) increases in size. This is due to the heart being a muscle and it gets bigger with exercise. As the heart gets bigger it is able to pump more blood around the body with each beat. That's why a fit bloke seems to be cruising, it's because his heart isn't having to work as hard as the unfit bloke whose heart is going like the clappers. Miguel Indurain (a cyclist) had a resting HR of about 28 beats per minute (BPM). True rest is first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. A fit person will have a resting HR of less than 40.
Can any PTI's help please, i'm looking at doing the TA PTI course later in the year but i am after some advise on gettin gfit....ie Press ups, SIt ups and Running, i am currently running 4 miles in 30 mins, which i feel is to slow, 20 mins on the hills program on the tredmil on level 7 speed 6.5 whish i feind ok untill the last few minutes which is up hill on gradiante 507. Is there anything else i should be doing to improve my times?

Any advice would be great.


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