Question for AFKAC & ViroBono

Courtesy of the Onion

I've got a question for you: How do you tell when a lawyer is lying? His lips move.
Thats just one of the countless great zingers on this list of lawyer jokes my wifes friend Kate forwarded to me yesterday. Luckily i'm on Kates email forwarding list, so whenever she gets something funny, i'm sure to get it, along with the 30 or so other people on her list. In turn, I always make sure to forward the stuff I get to people I think would appreciate it, like the people in the NAAFI bar. There are about 200 lawyer jokes on this latest list. I haven't read them all; I just scrolled down a few pages. I did, however forward them to the people in the NAAFI bar, because I figure they'd enjoy spending 30 to 40 minutes going through it. The same goes for the long list of golf jokes I intend to send in the near future. Now, who doesn't enjoy a few hundred good natured jokes?
You know what, somethings just occurred to me. Even though, since I started my ARRSE account, i've faithfully forwarded amusing lists to the NAAFI bar, nobody has sent anything to me. Never. Not so much as one. Not even the 'You know your a redneck if....' list, or the 'Why windows are better than women' cracker.

When you forward a mass-forwarded email - you get a good feeling inside. It's almost feels like you have a sense of humour yourself for a few seconds.

Keep them coming Weatherman. If I get enough of your jokes, I can stop wearing a comedy tie to work.

PS Hyprocisy of using a cut-and-paste to criticise cutting and pasting duly noted, but it did articulate my feelings perfectly.
Hmm spooky, sorry but I didnt read into the 1st post, must pay more attention. Mind you it does suit Little Jack H as was my first thought, particularly cos the bugger(s) plural as in Dale also, woke me up the other night :wink:
Lippy said:
giggling uncontrollably.... :lol:

Should keep LJH happy for a week or so :wink: eh Jack :lol:
Nah, got connection problems - keeps disconnecting after about 45 links :wink:

Anyway, suffering day one of man flu, so don't feel like laughing :cry:
Fellas and Gals...pull up an empty ammo can and listen while
I cry into my ice...cold beer...and tell of a fellow vet's slump
into the virtual gutters of the world wide web.

AFKAC I'm honored that you'd call me on the cut&paste fedish.
I've suffered for years...since I saw my first chucacabre out at
White Sands Missle Range, New Mexico.

Before the chucacabre encounter I was all mindless sex and violence...with time the violence just got me thrown out of the Bars or into the Brig...or sick call...and the sex became too expensive.

Now I'm reduced to mindless drinking and poor jokes for poor blokes.

like when AFKAC staggers into the NAAFI Bar...looking huge and pissed
He yells 'EVERYONE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BAR ARE FCUKING STROKERS'...silence ensues throughout the Bar...then He roars
'EVERYONE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BAR ARE FCUKING KNOB-HEADS' could hear a pin drop in the vacuum of queit...
just then WEATHERMAN1956 jumps up and AFKAC thunders

weatherman1956 squeeks 'I'm on the wrong side mate!'


***Everyone have a daft draft on me***

(but barkeep please put it on Leonard's tab)


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