Question - Electronic surv and security jobs in the Sandpit

Been out with one of the bods that works with me tonight who has asked me to pose this question.

He has already given me 6 months notice that he is going to leave (to countries undecided yet) as he wants out of the UK, if not temporarily then maybe permanently.

He has vast experience in electronic surveillance such as CCTV, covert CCTV, intruder alarms, Access Control etc etc as well as Fire Alarms, Tannoy systems and pretty much everything else that falls under that remit.

He is ex army, 9 years in but been out for about 9 years now and is experienced in designing this type of system from scratch as well as running the installs.

Is there a market for that type of skill over there or is all of that stuff run by the mil? If not, who does he contact, what are the salaries etc?

He has a family of wife and three kids that he wants to take with him (so obviously, he is looking at something like the multitude of companies set up in Bharain etc that are providing consultancy and manpower as opposed to moving to Iraq)



Editted to add, thinking about it, probably anywhere else would do as well, not just the Sandpit. I'm sure he'd be interested in job opportunitys in less risky places.
I'm surprised he has to ask. The market for good people in that sector is expanding exponentially everywhere. Some of the contractors at my workplace who do this are able to command unholy sums because of the shortage of such skills at high-quality levels. The chap leading the team installing my CCTV systems is off to Dubai - permanently - after he's finished here, and the young slob who pulls and stitches fibre to copper drives a top-of-the-range BMW; and they aren't cheap in SA, either.

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