Question Drivers Licence during phase 2...

Hello good people,

im just wodnering about the drivers licence in phase 2. problem is you need a provisional licence, on my application it says i dont have one but im applying for one now. i go to catterick on the 6rd of march, im guessing the good hard working people at the DVLA will take longer then that to get the provisional to me. now to the questions

1. will still be able to get the training if i dont have it marked down on the applacation?

2. if i get the provisional near the start of my training, will i be able to do the driver training?


Did it say need or would be helpful?

From your avatar you want to join the jocks regt?

I don't see why you need one in basic especially as a civvi you get only prov for A and B if you wait till basic and they apply for you (i require hgv and tracked for my job) you get provisional for everthing.

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