Question: Dress regs for Remebrance Day

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by macca2307, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Although I am not a member of the Army or TA, our local TA battalion are organising the Remebrance Parade for a major scottish city this year.

    The Parade order that has been issued by the Adjutant of the Battalion has stated that only servicemen of the Guard of Honour for the VIP are to wear Dress Uniform, and that all other servicemen are to parade in WORKING DRESS! (Either CS95, or jersey order with berets for the RAF!)

    Every other Remembrance Day parade or service I have been involved with has always been No1 (for RAF, No 2 for Army?) Service Dress with Medals.

    Having spoken to the Adjt (a very caustic young chap...not very helpful), he stated that it would break "every protocol in the book for anyone except the Guard of Honour to wear uniform that displays medals at the parade".

    Can any well informed RSM's or others on here tell me if this is true or not, and on what grounds? It seems to me that it is very disrespectful to the the memory of our fallen not to put on our best bib and tucker for the day, and avoid looking like a bunch of cadets! (No offence to the cadet forces!)

  2. Mate, if it's the Glasgow parade, then young Adjt is talking out his hoop. For many years now, certain TA units, not involved in the guard of honour, having been wearing medals on C95.

    Having said all that, your thread states that your not in the Army or TA so I'm not sure the on the score of wearing medals on your Brownie uniform?
  3. Brownies are for Christmas...not for life! :twisted:

    As I suspected. Just trying to figure out where the other services stand with regard to this "order".

    Bloody hell, if the RAFVR(T) Officers of the Air Cadets get away with No1 dress, then why not the Regulars and Reservists?!
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And mighty pump it would look too!

    I have seen parades done both ways, and it is down to the organiser. 1 Para paraded in Normandy for the 60th, in front of Prince Charles, Brigadier Hill and PoD with the colour party in 2s/service dress and the main body in CS95. Do all of the units attending have No2s for every soldier, properly tailored? If not, perhaps the Adjt is trying to get some form of uniformity in the marching body, rather than some in 2's, some in CS95 within the main body of the parade.
  5. If you arent in any organisation RAF /Navy / Army /TA / Legion /then you should wear trousers / blazer with medals.
  6. Which is fair comment, and fully understood as opposed to the crap he came out with on the phone!

    Although why spead it across all services? If all RN look the same as each other, all Army look the same as each other and all RAF look the same as each other, would that not be acceptable? It would certainly look a damn sight smarter!
  7. If I were in charge of the RNR/RAuxAF contingent I would ignore the little blighter and take my men in in No. 1s. I can appreciate the desire for uniformity when some units are going to be in C95s, but we don't have C95s. Besides, someone's got to keep up standards.
  8. macca,
    if it is the glasgow parade then this is the way its been done for about ten years.

    one of the problems was that not all members of a sqn or coy had 2s so some units would not let those without take part, so when it went to 95s every one in the unit could take part and boost the numbers on parade.

    as for medals i believe that they can be worn with 95s , we dont in our unit but the RHF did on their deserts 2 years ago as they had only returned a few weeks previously
  9. In my local town 2 TA SQN's and ACF all paraded in working dress, simply becuase we didnt all have 2's, only people in 2's were guard of honour and parade SM.

    Medals were alowed, simply becuase it was usualy the only time and most importantly the correct time to wear them.

    One year a new SQN PSI declared that no medals on working dress as it looked cr@p, however the seniors re educated him and medals were worn.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I agree with the new PSI - It looks cack on CS95 (or even worse deserts, despite ONLY being back two weeks). We will parade in CS95 with no medals for a unit with over 95% of its strength having deployed. The event and what it signifies is the main thing, not what you are wearing.
  11. Agreed - as an ex-PSI, medals look cr@p on inferior material other than No 1 Dress Blues or No 2 Dress. My TA unit in Middlesborough all bought their own No 2 Dress (it is not expensive) and wore their medals. This year I will be parading my men in East London in blues and medals. Those without will be in working dress, without medals.
  12. Blues in East London? What unit? I thought only the Jackets were there (West Ham)
  13. I didn't expect the Legion of Frontiersmen.
  14. I've seen medals on CS95, and it looks ood but you could see that guys had been somewhere. What looked really silly was that the medals were aligned with the pocket, rather than horizontally.

    The overall image was really odd, especially as the WOII wore No 2. Dress with a webbing belt, and when stood to attention even Douglas Bader's heels were closer together. He also stepped off on the wright (wrong) foot.