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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Jaime, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    I am a 100% British citizen living in Norway. I was born in Norway and have lived there my whole life. Now my question is whether or not I have to have a period of residency within the UK before applying for Sandhurst. The Army's website is somewhat cryptic when it comes to nationality, as it (Nationality and residency - British Army Website) says "Yes" for British citizens, whilst the staff manning the chat service tell me I will have to wait 3 years. I would rather go directly from where I am now and into the Army than live for 3 years in the UK, going to university and making myself a fine mountain of student debt.
    So, is this period of residency required for a 100% British citizen living abroad? And would you recommend that I go to university first? Thank you in advance!
  2. Entry to sandhurst has residency requirement usually of 5 years I remember reading. That is the sort of default. However I am a British Citizen and came over from Australia, and I'm at AOSB main board stage having started my application after 2 years. They seem fine with it, I even queried about a residency waiver and I was told it doesn't matter. In this matter go into an AFCO, obviously you're in Norway so that's a bit shit and impractical unless you fly over for a visit to speak to somebody - or pop in for a chat whilst on holiday.

    Either way, it depends on where you go. My advisor told me he has never known it to be an issue to anybody except for this one time where some bloke pissed off to the USA for a year after his uni and bailed across asia on a tour that same year. He came back and was told he needed to wait a couple.

    So I guess it really all depends. 3 years is a good rule. Or just land down, don't be a terrorist for a year and go ask politely and hope somebody is nice enough to tell you it doesn't matter?
  3. Well the online office are correct and its all in the wording have not been RESIDING in the UK for the required ammount of most SC cleared jobs its a minimum of 4 years up to 10 years and as said by the online office three years Residency before your able to start the the time youve done Briefing/main board and through Sandhurst you will be over the 4 year point. So Online office totally correct.
  4. Thanks for your answer gladwda. Don't worry, the only people I've be terrorizing are my parents. Good luck at the AOSB!

    First off: thanks for you reply.
    Secondly: the website doesn't make any residency requierments for British Citizens, only for those who are holding British Overseas Territories Citizenship, which I am not. Therefore I am confused by the inconsistency. The online office has also given me mixed messages, although the majority of the times I ask they do state that I require a 3 years period of residency first.