question concerning bike licenses and training in germany

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by undercover_loggie, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. i am due to be posted to germany in the next month. i want to get a motorbike and licence but does anyone know of any motorbike schools in and around gutersloh? i will need to do my theory test and practical . as i have been told since i have had my car licence for 15+ years i dont require a cbt.
    i dont speak or understand german so is there english speaking instructors there.
    i have given up trying to get a bike licence through the army channels as i have been trying for 12 or so years!!
    any help in this greatly appreciated.
  2. You are out of luck. You will need to return to the UK to do it.
  3. Whether you have been driving one month or one hundred years you still have to do a CBT.

    Cant you book a 1 week "crash" course to get your full licence back in blighty? The company I instructed for charged about £500 for the week, that was your theory, CBT, instruction, fee for the test and hire of bike and clothing.
  4. yeah i think i will look in to it for the new year, new licence.

    also what bikes are good for a first timer in the 500/600 category?
  5. Anything except an all out sports bike in the 500/600 range should be ok. Whatever the schools are using is always a good starting point. The first question you need to ask yourself is what will you use it for?
  6. to update this thread. i am still lookin in to getting a bike license on a da course next year. thou a sgt has offered me a 1 year old quad with helmet and jacket for 1000euro.
    is this a good deal?
    also how much am i lookin at for insurance?
    have held a car license for nearly 15 years with 5 years no claims?
    i am based in germany
  7. I have no idea how much a quad costs to insure. You may well find that your car license and no claims period are irrelevant and you will be treated as a new driver as far as quad or bike insurance is concerned.

    What size engine is in the quad. Is it road legal and registered? These will have a great bearing on its value - both financially and as a practical means of transport. (But generally, quads are NOT practical as road transport apart from maybe pottering around the local area)
  8. yeah that is all i need it for it to pop to and from work on the daily commute.
  9. Have you looked into the licence requirements. I assume a car licence will do as it has four wheels? I would check with the BFG Office as you just never know what special interpretation of the law BFG might have. Good luck and have fun. Let us know how you get on.