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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Callidus, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Hey chaps. Would appreciate if you can spare your time to answer a couple of general questions on the back on my mind.

    1) Unclear about the haircuts, heard numerous answers so far. Can I get away with arriving with short hair? (Not a skinhead)
    2) I understand the fitness requirements, but what are the least required scores for the pressups, situps, run that you can get away with?

  2. Where're you doing it?

    My JI said no shorter than a 3 for grantham.

    As for the fitness, it's really only the run they tend to look at on CMS(R). You need to be under 13 mins 45 seconds, I think for you to be declared safe to train. Not sure if it's changed though with MATTs.
  3. The hair is a simple one. Go to a barber's and get a No.3 if it's summer, No.4 if it's winter. Shorter than No.3 and you won't impress anybody, longer than No.4 and it will touch your collar.

    QRs only require that hair is neat and of a "soldierly" length. Follow the tip above and you won't be wrong.

    Sideburns mustn't extend below the middle of the ear, moustaches must not extend below the top lip.
  4. My head has not been longer than a 3 for a few years, so thats going to be slightly different. Will there be a haircut?

    Cheers lads.
  5. Yeah. You can get your nails done, eyebrows waxed and a decent tanning session all at the same time.

    If you tip the training corporals, they'll put little glittery jewels on your toes as well. :)
  6. Get it sorted before you go. Admittedly a long time ago, but when I did my initial training, the barber's wasn't open, so any cutting was done by the other lads on the course. Don't take the risk. (But take scissors!). ;)
  7. One thing I would recommend is taking a small radio.

    Noone ever remembers to and it can't half cheer up the place.
  8. Sounds like they treat you well, but I might be slightly shy to get my nails done.
  9. I'd recommend taking a plug for the sink.
  10. That is the most outrageous thing I've heard on here for a long time!!

    For fuggs sake, be careful fellas, water and electricity don't mix.
  11. 14 min to stay on the course
    as for haircuts min grade 2 no steps (USMC, RANGERs)
    things to help yourselfs
    radio or cd player
    kiwi boot polish as the campshop sell cherry blossom
    a Spine
    if you want more advise ask me direct as i am a MSI at GRANTHAM
  12. as for press ups, sit ups 50 of each is min a green
    to be safe and do them in sets of ten
  13. At Grantham at least it is 13:45 in order to not be RTU'd. This isnt a pass by a long shot and depending on where you do it, you maye even be retested at the end of the training.
    The actual times and figures I am sure are all over ARRSE somewhere but they are:

    Under 29(male) 44 pressups, 50 situps, run 1.5mile in 10:30 or level 10.2 on the bleep test
    30-34(male) 41 pressups, 46 situps, 11min run, level 9.8 bleep
    35-39(male) 39/43/11:30/9.4

    http://www.army.mod.uk/linked_files/ag/servingsoldier/clm/docs/matt2_web.pdf contains the full lot of details for the MATT phys requirements

    Hair - no one expects a skin head, and from what i have seen recently people have gotten away with some crazy hair. I was once told that what can be seen below your beret belongs to the army, anything above it is yours :) Personally I have a #2 back and sides so I dont look a complete thug at civvie work although that can be debated. Grantham does not have a barbers service, although rumour of a visiting service exists. However you wont have time. Simply go to the hairdressers a couple of days before you go, get yourself a Jarhead special and all will be fine!

    Kit to take they never tell you in the JI's. Plug - seriously! Although its gotten better of late there are a few sinks without plugs out there. Padlock and keys plus spare, flip flops for the showers to stop you getting everyone elses skanky foot diseases, probably wise to take your own iron. Grantham recruit blocks do have irons in them, but they are a bit cack and always in need for ironing kit of an evening. I suspect other locations are similar.

    Take a sense of humour. Good luck!
  14. 13.45 is a buffer we stand there with the stop watch 14 is the req if you are late you go home