Question: Can I fly in the UK with mod 90?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Nightrained, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. A quick question, I plan on flying within the UK but my passport had to be sent for renewal, so, can I get on aboard with my MOD 90?

    Thanks :D
  2. No, you will need a plane, train or a ferry!
  3. I'd use the ladder thing leading up to the door, mate.
  4. Beat me to the plane idea barsteward but cant think how you can fly in a train or ferry :? :wink:

    I have been told you cant now with all the terrorist threats but check out with airport.
  5. Don't get in a helicopter with Noel Edmonds!
  6. Not a form of valid identification as required by the Home Office.

    Passport or drivers licence dude (ask a shed load of RLC sporty chaps ROTFLMAO).

    Some carriers may but if you are that worried, why do you not use your meatbrain and ring the airlines helpdesk!!! Chopper (not a mode of transport).
  7. within UK at discression of carrier, I wouldnt try it in uniform though !!!
    As The_Iron says check ahead. I have travelled ABZ - LGW on driving licence in the last month, uncomfortable...

  8. When you read the link through my Krombacher beer glasses "Aboad" looks like "abroad".

    You can mark my post as "3/10 See me after class".
  9. Had the same kind of glasses on at the weekend but they were sponsored by John Smith. :wink:
  10. Ryanair will not accept MOD F90 as a form of ID - quite well publicised on orders etc
  11. I suppose you could get two of them and flap them really fast.

    I'll get my coat...
  12. Sleazyjet are ok to fly with MOD90, but you still have to sit in the pish stained seats like the rest of the peasants...
  13. Fly with Ryanair?

    I'd rather eat my own spleen.
  14. Salt and pepper sir :wink:
  15. Looks like I'll have to phone, I just wanted to avoid automatic answering machines and big phone bill. But yeah, it is easy jet that I plan to fly with.