Question? Brown service dress shoes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Royal-Gunner, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    im in a bit of a dilema does anyone know where i can purchase a pair of size 9m brown service dress shoes or is there an NSN so i can order a pair through the system

    your help is greatly appreciated
  2. You can get them from ebay or a company called the mess dress in Bournemouth, i may have a spare pair but i'll check the size- if they fit i send a note to your PM.

    I believe the mess dress in Stewart Rd Bournemouth & does have an online shop.

    Cheers Rabbithunter :)
  3. many thanks
    will try mess dress
  4. NSN 8430-99-975-2994,

    This is rather old so you need to SCOC it, also I dont know what size they are however it's only the last couple of digits that change
  5. Many Thanks CAARPS
  6. your unit clothing store should be able to help as they should know what people are entitled to for different ranks and people getting promoted.Its all written in the old Mat Regs and the newer JSP's 336 & 886
  7. Thanks Warrior8234
  8. I have a pair of size 9s, bull'd up and in excellent condition, got out late last year and are now in a box in the attic.
  9. Any decent purveyor of hand made English leather shoes will be able to supply you with an appropriate pair far more comfortable and made with better leather for somewhere between one hundred and two hundred English pounds.

    It is important to support the indigenous artisan shoe industry.
  10. you are entitled to them through the system,no need to pay.
  11. Not necessarily true,

    Officers get issued one pair of black or brown (according to Regt or Corps custom) that are then maintained on repayment

    As for OR’s

    JSP 336, Vol 12, Pt 3, Pam 4

    53. WOs 1. WOs 1 may wear black or brown shoes with No 2 Dress at the discretion of Colonels or Colonels Commandant of regiments or corps on all occasions when this order of dress is worn, both on and off parade. If brown shoes are worn they are to be provided at the individual’s expense. WOs 1 may purchase through service sources black or brown shoes (according to regimental custom). The cost of the shoes is to be at officers’ repayment issue price - see Volume 12 Part 3 Pamphlet 1 of these regulations. SAS WOs 1 wear Shoes Highland.

    That’s from the book, differing Regts and Corps have methods of funding/obtaining certain accouterments if they wish to do.
  12. £200??? It is more important to look after your own pocket and to this end the issued shoes are just fine.
  13. Personally, I prefer to look after my feet than my pocket. And a good pair of shoes, well maintained, lasts a long time.