QUESTION bouncing bomb-dossbag

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by AIRBORNEJOCK, Sep 8, 2010.

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    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    What temp is the issued dossbag (the bouncing bomb) meant to go down to?
    cheers in advance.
  2. Pass on the actual temp, but it's good enough for most of UK & Germany in winter, add a decent mat & a bivvi bag and you're sorted.
    Have woken up in the past covered in about an inch of snow, didn't want to get out of it, that was wearing trs & tshirt.
    On the other hand, it wasn't really warm enough in a bos winter, but then we were in a building shot full of holes, and the temp was about -30
  3. I saw a spec for it once, it said -5 comfort -10 maximum.

    Thing is, the Softie 9 (IIRC) says 0 comfort -5 maximum. I several times shivered myself to sleep in the Softie 9, yet several times sweated myself to sleep in the bouncing bomb in similar conditions. It seems very odd that their ratings are so similar. I therefore came to the conclusion that either one or both of my sleeping bags was fucked, or the ratings by different people mean different things.

    The moral of my post... the 'user reports' above might well be more relevant than the manufacturers recommendations.

    Bearing in mind additionally that usually the spec sheets for MoD kit is for the piece that went through MoD QC for procurement, not necessarily the stuff that gets delivered to the end user!
  4. The issue dossbag is supposed to go down to -40 and keep you warm even if its soaked, it specifys something about the arctic in its description on scoc as well so thats maybe a clue

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Cheers lads ive gota softie expedition that goes to-15 then -20 for my winter tour and the old poncho liner to beef it upif i need to.Ive also got a good old softie 9 thats probably a softie 6 its that old for in the UK cheers for the help.

    The only reason i asked is i was asked today and i didnt know and it was licking me out.
  6. Depends a lot on how it is cleaned and stored. Don't clean it in too warm water and don't store it in the stuff sack and make sure you hang it upside down so your wanksocks fall out. :)

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Cheers lads
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Whatever it is when we first got them in 88 it was fantastic, no more soggy feathers!
  9. When it has it's lowest temp, that is survivable temp, not COMFORT!
  10. Bloody spoilt, way too many feathers!!!...Try -32°c in Northern Germany with the old schlaf sack and temperate clothing!
  11. In AMF(L) we were most dismayed to get the new issue doss bag. We had previously been issued with the arctic bag which was still down filled but wider and longer than the temperate issue one. Surprisingly it never had a waterproof (?) underneath like the temperate issue gonk bag.

    When it was really cold we used to put the temperate inside the arctic bag and it was double layer toastie warm. ^^ To have both the temperate and the arctic bags withdrawn and replaced by the ‘new issue’ sleeping system was a bit of a shock and the new issue doss bag was not as warm as the single arctic bag. (In my opinion)

    This led to a large scale purloining of quilted poncho liners from the US contingent for extra warmth which also complimented the stash of folding camp cots we had stolen from Incirlik airbase in Turkey the summer before. ^~
  12. Ah, I'd forgotten about the artic bag not having the 'waterproof' base! My TARA Sgt (ex 29) had one and used to use a white cotton sheet as a liner! Me, I was just happy if I could fit my 6' into the small wafer thin bag I'd been issued!

    As we were airmobile, when the new sleeping system came in, we never took it; just the bivvy bag and a norgy shirt (before they were issued) and used our NBC suits as an extra layer! This was because on fly fwd, it was day sacks only and no room for it.
  13. It was alright for me I had a BV 206 to carry my two doss bags and camp cot etc. ^^