Question.. African Star.... and blubbering in ones sleep....

A few minutes ago I was tucked up asleep in my bed. Then a kind and excited officer with poor timing called me to the admin office, asked me to sit down then proceeded to announce that 'they' had found in Whitehall my late Grandfathers African Star which he then went on to proudly present to me. Rubbing the dust from them, a little got in my eye as I started to cry in my dream which is when I awoke with tears in my eyes......

However, I have my Grandfathers medals tucked away somewhere safe and his medals include not one but two African Stars. And they are not minatures, these are the full sized 'I gave Jerry a bloody nose....twice' medals.

Well, this has me asking the question that maybe someone who themself served for nearly 24 years should already know. Miniatures? Were they made and presented in WWII or are they relatively new?

Grandfather George, sir, we all still miss you......
To some African Stars being sold on Ebay for the price of two packets of fags and with sellers descriptions as uninspiring as welly boots. Shame.
Miniatures were made but not presented. They were a private purchase, as today. Most people who fought in WWII wouldn't have had much use for them. They are still easily found for purchase but the newer ones tend to look less good.
The wearing of miniature medals developed on the continent in the 18th century but it wasn't until the 1850s that the practice had become universal in the UK. You don't see that many early British miniatures because they were only used on mess kit and that was predominantly an Officer thing, many regiments not having a separate mess uniform for the Sergeant's mess (thus full size medals worn for formal dining).

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