Question about your promotion process

Been sifting through the threads here and was wondering how differant the career progression for enlisted is in your forces compared to the US Army.

A rough overview of our system...

E-1 through E-4 are based mostly on time in service/time in grade although commanders have the authority to promote early depending upon performance and the reccomendation of the individual's leaders.

E-5 and E-6 require first attending an NCO school appropriate for the level (PLDC & BNCOC although the school requirement can be waived if the soldier is deployed but they will have to attend these school later) then standing before a promotion board staffed by the battalion's sergeant major and first sergeants to become promotable. One then enters an Army wide pool of eligable personnel with the same MOS based on a points system. Promotion points are accrued from one's PT score, marksmanship level, schools attended, awards earned, and a certain number of points are awarded by the company commander and the promotion board. The Army looks at it's manning requirement and decides the "cut-off" score depending on the numbers needed on a quarterly basis.

E-7 and above are DA selected based upon the needs of the Army and one's qualifications. Attendence at the ANCOC, 1st Sergeant's academy, and Sergeant-Majors academy all also neccesary but are waivable if deployed to be attended at a later date...

One thing to keep in mind is that we also have a move up or move out system... a soldier has eight years to earn his buck sergeant stripes, eleven to make E-6, and fifteen for E-7. Failing to be promoted in that time results in being prevented from reenlisting. The Navy and USAF are differant in this regard as they are more than happy to preserve skilled technicians who might not want or are suitable for the leadership responsabilities that come with upper NCO ranks.
no idea what all this E business is but heres roughly how it workis in the infantry in blighty.

PTE-LCPL must be a reasonably switched on soldier, is then recommended by pl comander for potential junior NCO course (course run by battalion) must pass it.

LCPL-CPL must be recommended for promotion course then must pass section commanders battle course (SCBC sometimes called junior brecon or juniors).

CPL-SGT must have served 2 years in rank, must be recommended for promotion course then must pass platoon sergants battle course (PSBC sometimes called senior brecon or seniors) and educational course.

SGT-CSGT must have served 2 years in rank, must be recommended for promotion having copleted education course2.

CSGT-WO2 must have 3 years in rank (i think) must be recommended and must complete education course3.

WO2-WO1 no fuckin idea!

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