Question about UK residency and travelling

Hi guys,

I'm just starting to do my online application and have come to the bit about UK residency, the whole have you been been a resident of the UK continiously for the last 5 years, ignoring stays of 28 days or less.

Well I've been travelling around Australia and New Zealand for the last 5 months (yeah, dirty little backpacker) as well having been on a Raleigh International expedition to Ghana for 3 months 2 years ago.

Do I need to mention these in this certain question? Technically I wasn't a resident of these countries as I had no permanent address, but they were all stays of over 28 days.

Apologies if there is a topic blatantly staring me in the face about this, though I did search, just a bit hard to search for it specifically.

Cheers for any help.
Yes, mention them as they'll need to do background checks.

However I would state your permanent residence was always in the UK.

The online application isn't a proper application anyway. It's a form of interest apparently, so you'll still have to go in and fill it all in by hand. So you can double check with them then.

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