Question About Travelling to Lichfield on Train

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Woody-NFFC, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong part of the Forum but, obviously those who have been to selection know that before you go the Army issue you with a MOD Rail Travel Warrant. Now the train I'm catching is from Nottingham, then I get off at Birmingham new street, where I have to catch a train to Lichfield City.

    What Iget wantto know is when I hand my rail warrant into the ticket office, will they know I have to get of at Birmingha to catch another train to the destination that I'm going to?

    Because I wondered when you get of the train at Birmingham, do you stil use the ticket that you used on the Nottingham train, or will the ticket office at Nottingham giv you separate ticket for getting on the train at Birmingham?

    Sorry or blabbering on :D
  2. You "cash in" your warrant at the ticket office at the departure station. It will be given as an open return. You take both tickets (one from nottingham to lichfield, the other from lichfield to nottingham). The ticket office can print you a timetable telling you where to change and which trains to get. There is no need to get any more tickets as the one ticket covers you for the whole of your trip each way! Hope this makes sense
  3. No, you get two tickets (two and from). It will say route any, this means you can change.
  4. Yes it does, so your saying the ticket I get at Nottingham, is lik a joint connection ticket? so I still use the same ticket which I used to get on the Nottingham train to get on the train at Brum,? :)

  5. Exactly, one ticket for on the way there, one for on the way back
  6. Ok, cheers mate, much appreciated. ;)
  7. No worries, it's what the forum is here for.
  8. I'm the only one from Nottingham who's going, shocking.:(

  9. Is that because most other people in the place are already proficient with many types of small arms and knives??? hehehe, only kidding. You wont be the only one from your home town the selection. There will be others from their home towns that are alone too. You will all gel in one day anyway
  10. Yeh, hehe we have our own Army in Nottingham :p
    I'm not even nervus either mate to be honest, just going to enjoy it, the only thing I'm worried about is the medical, because all sort of little problems can defer you such as heart murmours that you don't know about etc. :(
  11. A deferment is not a fail though, 90% of heart murmours are innocent and can be caused by caffeine or some other minor issue, stay off the fizzy drinks, caffeine and cola for a couple of days before you go, The rest of the medical is just to see that you aren't going to drop dead with any weight on your back when in training and that you are physically fit to fight should you need to. if you are relatively fit and healthy with no previous history of serious injury or mental issues then you should be ok.
  12. Yh, I'll be fine, I got told to stay of pop because of the glucose in your piss. :p
    Water for me it is ;)
  13. I have sent you a pm ok. Yes stay of the sugar! :D
  14. I stayed off them for 6 months prior to selection but still got deffered for a murmur, lol.
  15. That's harsh :(

    I gt to have a spiro test, I got told about somert to do with cycling? :s