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question about travel expenses to catterick

right just a quick question, I'm starting catterick on the 2nd of november and just went to get my rail warrants exchanged for tickets and I noticed its £58.00 to get down there. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what happens when you come home at weekends, do you pay the full fare yourself I take it?
Under the Get You Home (Early Years) scheme, you get 12 warrant entitlements for the first three years in the Army.They should be apportioned four per year:the first year starts on the day you turn up for basic training.Don't forget;if you are posted abroad, these entitlements can be converted into flights home to UK, so they are quite important.Rule of thumb is to treat them as journeys home at holiday times, eg Xmas, Easter, Summer holiday and block leave.
Don't waste them on weekend visits (You may spend more time travelling than at home!).


War Hero
Or get a rail card !. Anyway when you get there you will want to stay in the local area and go out on the lash with your new mates. Most trainees go home one or twice a month due to the cost.

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