Question about the Royal Regiment of Scotland

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by shaun111, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Hi there, im starting Catterick on the 16th of this month and and joining the Royal Regiment of Scotland. I recently met a couple of guys (one in scots gurads one in irish guards) and they proceeded to tell me how the lads in the RRS would tear me apart because im English. I dont mind banter at all but they said theyd make my life misery and they would always hate he and never respect me just becaue im English. They also said id regret my decision because they would treat me like shit for as long as i was there. Can anyone tell me if this sort of abuse is happening to English lads? Thanks
  2. If you're English why the **** would you want to join the sweaty sox?

    But yes, I think they are probably right.
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  3. They wouldn't dare. Just make sure they understand that you're from a far superior race, and that it's a fact that the majority of officers in the RRS are English.
  4. I think you should join them anyway. As soon as you tip up at the gates, walk up to the biggest one you can see (who will undoubtedly be a Fijian) and stove his ******* head in with your £35 NAAFI iron, just to lay down a marker for anyone else. Then hook yourself up to a Buckfast drip and try to fit in with the rest of the happy-hardcore loving, Braveheart watching ginger mongs. Don't worry about retribution and/or punishment - they won't remember. (It's amazing what Bucky does to the brain cells after a few years.)

    PS; When this goes to print, please make sure you spell my name correctly.
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  5. Hahaha cheers lads. made me laugh, Other answear still appreciated.
  6. There's only about four Jocks in the RRS anyway. You'll be fine once you've done the Fijian language course.
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  7. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I wouldn't worry to much about it, most of the SCOTS battalions will be disbanded before you get to the harsh bullying stage so chances are you'll be made redundant before it gets to bad.
  8. There are lots of lads from lots of places outside Scotland in the Bns and always has been.

    I did OK (although not technically English, not that that mattered), just didn't take some of the bigots on.

    You will be OK,

    Which Bn you looking at?
  9. Utter Bollocks. You'll get the piss taken but you will soon find a bunch of mates who will back you up anywhere. You'll be invited to their homes (in Scotland and elsewhere) and they will become like a family to you. Get in there, give as good as you get, and you'll see. You'll spot the throbbers and learn to avoid them same as you would in any unit.

    How do I know? I was a Cockney Scots Guardsman, and I survived, that's how I know.

    If you are a Londoner, and you are based in London, you can forget about getting leave at Christmas though. Barrack Guard every year we were in London "So the rest o the lads can get away up hame eh? Ya only live doon the fuckin road ya cockney ****!"

    Hey Ho.
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  10. looking at 5Scots or maybe 2 or 3 :) thanks for the help
  11. You go to Catterick and enjoy yourself. The RRS instructors will treat you exactly the same as the other recruits. I can't answer for the other recruits.

    As Zag42 said, there has always been a mix of nationalities in the Army.

    Just a small point about which battalion you want. Initially you may not get the battalion that you want. It may happen that you will be fed into the battalion that is most understrength. However, there is the opportunity to move between battalions, depending upon need.
  12. You'll always be a mash cnut etc but it's just banter. Don't know about the others but 4SCOTS is full of Fijians, English etc. Nobody gives a shit.
  13. Don't worry about it. Most will rip the pish out of banter but everywhere you go you'll always get a few eejits.
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You'll get the pissed ripped for any reason, wrong part of the UK, wrong part of Scotland, wrong part of a city, wrong street, support the wrong football team, ginger hair, etc.

    Just as a matter of interest, why join RRS?
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    4 Scots is the way to go, my brother joined with an English accent 22 years on you'd never know.