Question about The Paras

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by andy44, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Alright people,im currently in the application process of applying to the army. I hope to join either Royal Irish, Irish Guards or the Paras havn't decided yet.

    A mate of mine whos in the Irish Guards keeps telling me its a really bad idea to join the paras if you are from Northern Ireland because its un heard of and its best to join your own regiment because The Paras is full of English men and id regret it because of this...

    Any truth to this lads?
  2. Just like the Irish Guards and RIR are only open to Irishmen :roll:
  3. Give your head a shake
  4. Then fist yourself
  5. This website's full of Englishmen, you know.
  6. To be sure
  7. Och aye
  8. And hats. However their advice seems sound. Wobble your head then fist yourself.

    Why not join the legion, theres probably more foreigners over here than there is there. And you'll never be short of a plumber
  9. I thought so :lol:
  10. I worked with dozens as a Bootie , and worked with guys from Para Regt and they were no different to anyone else.
  11. Yeah but you should have heard what they were saying behind your back 8O