Question about the medical (hearing test)

I want to join but whats the story with the hearing test, is it intensive or what. I have below normal hearing in one ear and above normal hearing in the other! I had them tested as I got a cold and it caused a ringing in the ear which affected the hearing. The hearing hasnt gotten any better yet!!!!

Getting worried about my chances in the medical now
If you have below normal hearing in one ear as stated..You wont get into the Infantry. The standard is assessed at a in a sound proof booth. You have to press a button, left or right. If you try to cheat by just pressing any button at random, the machine will fail you.

However, have the test done. If its good enough you will pass. They should tell you there and then at the medical exam.
You have to sit in a booth and press a button when you hear the sound. It goes through a range of pitches, both ears. The sound will get gradually louder until you press the said button. Piece of p1ss.
Firstly make sure you are fully fit when you go down as a cold will affect you. A lot of Potential applicants I had were deferred whilst at selection for ear wax until the GP sorted it out with drops then once the treatment worked and paperwork sdent to SMO they passed selection. Just get pro-active before you go down and then its in the lap of the gods.
If you think your hearing is suffering from blockages, get them cleared out before you go. Dont risk failing if you think its a strong possibility, as you may delay the overall process longer, or might miss out on your prefered choice of arm/corps. Postpone if necessary, get everything sorted and then go to the medical.

Or, if still want to go for it the answer is:
Left ....X.......X..X...x....x..x..x.....x....x
Right ..X...X...X.....x....x....x...x..x........x ;)
If you try to cheat by just pressing any button at random, the machine will fail you.
True, but if you are at least able to hear the first 2 or 3 tones on each side, and then press the button on that side in that rythmn for a couple of minutes, it can be surprising... :wink:

(Unless they've changed the protocol in the last year or two...)


You cqan buy peanut oil ear drops that eradicate(loosen up) the wax. It helps as I get tested about every two years at work and scrape through each time. Tinitus is the biggest problem in a hearing booth as I struggle to pick out the test sound sometimes and end up pressing too many times in my left!
GPMG for too long plus lots of sporting shooting since leaving but I put the tinitus down to Heli flights in 6 Airmobile!
just listen to the beeps and press after a while your ears pick up on anything you hear in the both thing just press when you think you hear somthing simple.
If you tell the MO that you've got a cold/sore throat then there will be no problems. If you're ear is giving you grief and you pass then thats great, and if you fail then you can have a chat with the MO about it.


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