Question about the issue assault vest

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by lovinit, Jan 27, 2007.

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  1. Just after a bit of advice if thats ok? Are there slightly different versions of the issued assault vest or are they just made by different contractors? I'm talking about the "Waistcoat Mans General Purpose Ops" as stated on the label with the number 8405-99-527-1800. The other number that appears on there is slightly different on some of the vests. It always seems to start DC1aESL but then I have seen that followed by 0108 or 0098. What do those last numbers signify? Essentially are these the same vests despite the slightly different numbers?

    Many thanks
  2. my vest has the nsn 8405-99-527-1800 however this has the smaller ammo pouches and was an 05 issue (its fcuked now) I presume the newer numbers signify the A2 pouch re-work best to look on the scoc disc (G4 stuff ask the QMs or the cqms ) to search the new waistcoat mans GP ops as there is a desert variant avaliable and there is prob a newer version ,points to note for the vest:

    They are shite on OPs
    you will struggle to get them over ecba,(buy the pouches from the secptics PX that fit the armour)
  3. Cant help with NSNs mate. Old school vests didn't have the clips for camelbacks/daysacks and had smaller (A1 mag) pouches. The new desert ones have toggle fastners instead of clips, but they're all still shyte as has been said many times here.
  4. If this is for an op then you will get the latest vest before you deploy so don;t demand it now. The numbers that are not the NSN are contract and batch numbers.

    DocSTAB is right about the fasteners. Feedback is coming thick and fast about kit falling out. The clips were changed due to user request, trialed and ok'd. Looks like the trial unit didn't do a good job. The latest, latest vests are changing the clips again, stiffening the lids etc to make sure the problem is nailed.

    As for pouches for the body armour they are on issue with new ones coming on line every week to keep up with the changing ammo load and types. Demand em!
  5. Also be very carefull with "issue" vests available in the market place, a lot of companies will put "fake" NSN numbers in the vests and other items they sell, to make them look like the real thing...... webtex?......highlander?.........

    There are quite a few different companies that got the contract to make "issue" vests, but there are even more companies that wished they had!

    The new issue vest (Molle Type) seams to be going in the correct direction, but again, see what you are issued, don't buy webtex or highlander, and whatever you do buy make sure its up to the job.

  6. Thanks guys thats been very useful - cheers
  7. These new 'molle type' vests, are the ammo pouches sewn on permanently?

    Just asking as they're starting to issue vests here (Denmark) with ammo pouches sewn on, but with the rest of the vest 'molle style' so you can attach PLCE pouches.

  8. I take it you can't fasten PLCE pouches onto the MOLLE stuff just using the velcro & press stud loops?