Question about the differences between old and new pay

I left the regs some 5 years back and have been asked how much pay soldiers get, found the current pay info at the army website but its differnt to my time and was interested in the comparisons

When I left I was a 12 year Full Screw on Band 2 Class 1, 7 years in the rank

Regt was RA, trade signals (DC)

So lets say I was in still and didn't get promoted, 12 years in rank 8O , what would I be on ?

Not as simple as it seems. Your transition to pay 2000 may have left you on a level of pay higher than the highest level at Cpl. For instance, you would be paid an amount equal to or slightly above what you were earning, but would not have received an annual increment until you were promoted to Sgt and your service in that rank caught up with your pay.

Lets say that wasnt the case. You would currently be a level 7 Cpl, and based on the current rates of pay, would be getting 76.38 per day if you were a higher range trade, or 68.69 daily if your trade were lower range. Thats 27,878 and 25,071 gross a year respectively.

cheers, that makes more sense, I think I was looking at the lower rate
Right. BP has only stated part of the answer.

Certain CEGs (as you would previously have understood) have been amalgamated into new Career Groups. ACS (Artillery Command Systems) is effectively an amalgamation of the old Sigs (Basic, Adv and DC) and CP (Basic, Adv and DC) CEQs. Effectively.

However, certain other rules exist, which influence what pay band you currently get. For example, holding (not necessarily using) a OPA CEQ means that you get Higher Band pay. Astonishing - yes, but at least it meant that loads of our people got Higher Band pay, rather than no-one.

What was rather pathetic, however, was the number of gun end SNCOs who suddenly dusted off OPA quals gained years ago - and they conviently 'forgot' all the slagging they had been handing down to the OPs ever since. Ho hum.

Anyway, it is impossible to give you a 100% accurate answer without knowing more. Suffice to say that, as with all 'new ideas', it rewarded some while seriously annoying others. :D

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