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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. I read this elsewhere: nobody seems to have the answer so I thought I'd give this place a go...

    "Dear friends

    A question that has perplexed me for over thirty years is why when Jesus cast a devil or of a man this devil entered a herd of swine (pigs) who then killed themselves by running in the lake.

    Given that Jews don't eat pork, what were the pigs doing there?

    I asked a friend, who works in the Cathedral here, and who is, I think, a Christian, even if I am hardly am, this question, and he was stumped, having never noted the strange juxtaposition of pigs in Jewish lands."

    Over to you.

  2. Been reading the Bible, have we? Don't want to spoil it for you but he dies in the end.
  3. The bible is a work of fiction.
  4. It is not forbidden for Jews to buy or own pork only to eat them. If a Jew has pork it is to fed to their dog. Also it could have the herd could have belonged to another ethnic in the regions as there were many.
  5. The recently found missing front page of the Bible;

  6. It has to be Kosher meat, the pig has to be killed in a certain way I think it get its throat cut first and bleeds to death.
  7. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Swine roam free, like wild boar in various forests. They existed and still do in the Holy Land. Just because something exists however does not mean that you have to eat it! The prohibition on eating swine flesh is common in early societies and may be traced to the fact that the meat spoils very quickly thus posing a health hazard, the propensity for pigs to carry intestinal parasites and the fact that, given what they eat, they were considered unclean - after all, would you want to eat anything that had been gorging itself on the outflow of your village's sewer? Their very uncleaness rendered them a fit place for a devil to be cast into in the minds of first century Jews.

    The prohibition on various foods for Christians was lifted in the epistles after the death of Jesus.
  8. ah watching red dwarf have we
  9. Don't forget all those Roman soldiers running around Judia, could have belonged to them.
  10. What, all of it?
  11. Six mentions of Centurions in the New Testament, one (Cornelius) was the first gentile convert.

    Several infantry Cohorts, including one Praetorian Guard plus a cavalry wing at the time.

    Lots of Greeks and Roman Auxiliaries would have been up for a bacon roll.
  12. also used to turn soil over for farming purposes i believe
  13. Could it be that this is the reason that they don't eat pork. When did the no pork rule start anyway? Did someone just wake up one morning and decide that Jews shouldn't eat it 'cos it's 'unclean'. Why was it unclean?
  14. See P_F's earlier post. Also IIRC shellfish were considered unclean for a similar reason.
  15. Oops, I should read first shouldn't I?