Question about shock absorbers in Mil vehicles

Discussion in 'REME' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. Sorry for asking what may be a dumb question since i know nowt about cars and their ilk.

    But i spotted this article a while ago and only now wondering about its application. I was wondering if it was implemented how it would help in possible weight savings considering the amount of electronic kit in use, and also with the new electric armour the big wigs are thinking of for the warrior.
  2. Shocks on Tracks, ah derr
  3. That's a bit harsh! They had springs on the early tanks!! :D
  4. 430 has shock absorbers... derr!

    good idea but i dont think it would be practical on military vehicles that sit in hides for days.
  5. The efficiency of any internal combustion engine is reduced considerably by having to run various pumps, generators etc. as part of its system. Anything which negates this has to be viewed as a good thing, particularly so when it reduces fuel consumption. As with anything technological my question would be 'what is the initial cost compared to the item it's replacing' and 'how durable would the technology be especially in a military context'.
  6. As a very old forgetful retired A mech and smelling a bit of stale urine, I seem to remember that chieftain had shock absorbers on front spring pack each side . May be wrong though 430 series definitely had them and CVRT.........derr
  7. All vehicles with any form of suspension have some form of damping mechanism akin to a shock absorber.